Should I Drink Milk? Milk Drinkers Double to Triple Their Risk of Cardiovascular and Cancer Diseases (study)

DontDrinkMilkMilk is for calves!  Ok, that sounds a bit harsh you might say.  Well wait until you see the results of this study, “Milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures in women and men: cohort studies,” just published in BMJ.  (you can read it here…). You can bet this one wasn’t sponsored by the dairy council or association.

They followed over 60,000 women and 45,000 men in Sweden for a median of 22 and 13 years respectively. During this time, roughly 1/4 of participants died, mostly form cardiovascular disease and cancer.  Here are some of the findings:

  • Women drinking 3 or more glasses of milk doubled their mortality compared to those drinking less than one glass a day.
  • Men drinking 3 or more glasses of milk had less but still significant increased mortality.
  • For women, high milk consumption was associated with increased in fractures and increased hip fracture.
  • Milk intake was positively associated with oxidative stress as measured by 8-iso-PGF2a in both sexes and interleukin-6 in men.
  • Cheese and fermented foods had the opposite effects.


If you must consume dairy, make it fermented or cheese.

Dr. Paul





  • Cindy Winter Hasselblad

    What about raw milk? We try to follow Weston Price guidelines. Have there been studies recently on non pasteurized raw milk? ( Our Farmer tests her cows daily. So we are confident that she adhering to best practices for raw milk standards)

    • The study did not address raw milk. Raw milk has some benefits I believe from the cardiovascular standpoint, when compared to homogenized, but also some rare risks in the infection area. I still think there are better ways to get healthy fats and protein and suspect that most of the findings would be the same.

  • karen

    Does this count for children too?

    • The study was in adults, so no this does not apply to children. I do still believe that breast milk is for human children and cows milk for calves. If you need to supplement your infant with formula, then cow milk based formula is the better option compared with soy in my opinion.

      • Anonymous

        My daughter is past breast milk and into whole organic milk- 18oz per day. My son drinks almond milk, but she can’t so nuts yet, right? What do you suggest?

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