Does Drinking Tea (green and black) Lower Blood Pressure?

greenteaDoes drinking green tea or black tea reduce or increase blood pressure (BP)?  The study (found here… ) summarizes the findings of 23 studies from 1966-2014 looking at the effects of drinking green or black tea and changes to blood pressure. They found that systolic BP was lowered an average of 1.8 mm HG and diastolic BP by 1.4 mm Hg.  Green tea had a slightly stronger blood pressure lowering effect than black tea.  These effects were not influenced by ethnicity, how much tea was consumed, the health status of the participants, or the amount of caffeine taken.

Since green tea is known for immune boosting properties, this study suggests that the benefits include providing a safe source of caffeine that actually lowers blood pressure.

In the search for safe and healthful drinks, I would add green tea (and black tea if you prefer) to purified water as ideal sources of hydration.  Anything you can do to get away from soda, juices, dairy, and alcoholic beverages is a move in the right direction.

For young children, the caffeine intake should be limited, so consider caffeine-free teas.  Teenagers and adults can safely take 200-300 mg of caffeine.  Tea typically has 80-160 mg caffeine per 12 ounces and thus would be safe for the older child, teenager, and adults (in moderation).  You should not exceed 400-500 mg caffeine daily (adults) as this can trigger arrhythmia and death.  A link to my previous blog on energy drinks and caffeine is provided here…

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