Read to Your Child, AAP Policy Statement on Literacy

books1READ, READ, and READ some more.  Start before they know what you are saying, cuddle, rhyme, sing, and have fun.  The more we make books and reading fun and a daily part of our activities, the better our children do in school.

We are at risk for losing this wonderful time of bonding due to the connected world of TV, Internet, social media, and smart phones.

Below are the 5 R’s of early education:

  1. Reading together as a daily fun family activity.
  2. Rhyming, playing, talking, singing, and cuddling together throughout the day.
  3. Routines and regular times for meals, play, and sleeping, which help children know what they can expect and what is expected from them.
  4. Rewards for everyday successes, particularly for effort toward worth-while goals such as helping, realizing that praise from those closest to a child is a very potent reward.
  5. Relationships that are reciprocal, nurturing, purposeful, and enduring, which are the foundation of a healthy early brain and child development.


Reading aloud with young children has many positive benefits:

  • Improved parent-child bonding.
  • Better social and emotional development.
  • Prepares brains for future reading and learning.
  • Improves future reading abilities and school performance.
  • You just might enjoy this time!


You can see the AAP’s policy statement on reading here…


Dr. Paul


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