Begin Solids After 16 weeks, and Continue Breast Feeding to Reduce Allergies

solid foodsDr Grimshaw et. al. have published in Pediatrics November 2013,  “Introduction of Complementary Foods and the Relationship to Food Allergy.”

This was not a large study and it compared 41 infants who developed food allergies by age 2 to 82 infants who did not develop allergies.  Since we have conflicting studies in the world literature on early introduction of solids causing or preventing allergies (depending on the study), this study does support the concept of starting solids at 4 months and not before. 

Two key points from this article:

1. Breast feeding promotes tolerance to solid foods reducing allergies.

2. Introducing solid foods before 17 weeks (4 months age) especially if not breast feeding, creates more allergies. 


Dr. Paul


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