Inflammation Related to Being Overweight Linked to Type-2 Diabetes

fatsogiraffeWe know that type-1 diabetes is caused by an immune attack on the pancreas that eventually destroys the pancreatic islets ability to make insulin, making a diabetic insulin-dependent for life. This immune attack is thought to be auto-immune, meaning that you are making antibodies against your own body (in this case the islet cells of the pancreas).  The study “Accumulation of M1-like macrophages in type-2 diabetic islets is followed by a systemic shift in macrophage population” illustrated that type-2 diabetes (T2D) is not only characterized by low grade systemic inflammation and loss of beta-cells and insulin production in the pancreas but they demonstrate increased macrophages invading the pancreas in the early phase of T2D.  They specifically showed that there was a 4-fold increase in macrophages and an 8-fold increase in the CD68+F4/80-  macrophages with increased cytokine levels causing initial inflammation then fibrosis of the pancreas islet cells. 

Since  25% of US adults over 65 have T2D and over 50% of the population is pre-diabetic;  (Data Here), the important take home message here is to do everything you can to keep weight optimal and inflammation minimal. How, you may ask?

1. Avoid sugars, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods.

2. Avoid wheat, and for many, gluten and other highly refined sugars.

3. Numbers 1 & 2 above result in increased insulin which triggers fat storage and inflammation.

4. Take your purified fish oil or organic flax, and other nutritious sources of omega-3. 

5. Take vitamin D (up to 5000 IU a day for adults, and 1000 IU a day from birth). 

6. Drink enough purified water (up to a gallon a day for adults). 

7. Exercise.

8. Minimize stress in your life (have healthy relationships, avoid toxic people and places, get some down time for yourself).

9. Get enough sleep- a minimum of 7-8 hours/night (more for children and teens).

10. If you are my patient ( for children and for adults) consider getting your micronutrients and food sensitivities tested. 


Dr. Paul


  • Wouldn’t it also be wise to avoid all vaccinations, since research has shown that vaccines often cause hypersensitivity and auto-immune disorders?

  • I do believe there are some who have such genetic vulnerability to autoimmune issues or vulnerability to toxins, or sensitivity to vaccines that avoiding all vaccines may be best. For most of us it’s a matter of balancing risk with benefit. We do need a more open and transparent view of both these areas: RISK if not vaccinating, and BENEFIT from vaccinating. For those parents who lost a child or have a severely damaged child from a vaccine preventable disease – they would say everyone should get vaccinated. For those with a child likely injured by vaccines (hard to prove) these families don’t want anything to do with any of the vaccines. There are also the issues of prevalence (how common are the infections in your area) and herd immunity (are we all safer because enough others have immunity to the disease).
    Thanks for your comments and thoughts.

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