Pregnancy and Exercise- Should I Exercise While Pregnant?

What’s the best way to exercise while pregnant?

I am 8 weeks pregnant and want to keep up my gym membership. How safe is it to exercise while pregnant? What should I stay away from?

YES! – You should keep exercising while pregnant. There is probably nothing more important to your well-being and that of your unborn child than staying fit and of course eating right and avoiding toxins. 

While in medical school, one of my classmates was the US Olympic kayak champion.  She continued to exercise at a high level and was back in class the week after delivering her healthy baby. I would not recommend pushing yourself harder than you are used to doing.  You should avoid activities that have high risk of injury and especially trauma to the abdomen. Avoid dehydration, and drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise.

In addition to maintaining your exercise and fitness here are a few vital tips:

  1. Avoid smoking and all alcohol (there is no safe amount of drinking).
  2. Avoid drug use.
  3. Eat organic.
  4. Take your prenatal (make sure it includes iodine).
  5. Take extra vitamin D (up to 5000 IU a day).
  6. Take extra Omega 3 (you should avoid all fish- it is too high in mercury and pesticides).
  7. Get prenatal care with your obstetrician.
  8. If you are just starting a program of exercise, start slow and only raise your heart rate to the mid training levels, not to your maximum heart rate.
  9. This final recommendation is controversial and just my opinion – Do NOT get the Tdap while pregnant.  This vaccine contains a minimum of 330 micrograms of aluminum (a known neurotoxin).  See  for my YouTube video on this topic.


Dr Paul.

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