When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

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  As a Nation, we were all horrified by the tragedy at Newtown Connecticut, where twenty little children 6 and 7 years old, and several adults, were gunned down by a troubled young man.  What impressed me most was the immediate and united effort of many of those parents to band together and work for meaningful change so such a thing does not happen again.

 Success isn’t about how much money you make, but rather more about how many lives you change, and what you do that makes a difference for the lives of those less fortunate and less powerful.  It’s not what happens to you that determines your life’s destiny, but what you do about it.

 Our country, and indeed the world, is experiencing an unprecedented attack on our health by Big Business.  I’m not against business, or Big Business, but one needs to understand that a company is in business to make money.  When profits become the bottom line, which is so true for Big Businesses, we have seen over and over where doing the right thing- honesty and morality, often take a back seat to the desire for profit.

 Decades ago, Big Tobacco hired doctors to publish studies which showed that there was no risk to health from tobacco products. They maintained that lie for decades. When it comes to toxins in our food (pesticides and GMO), and toxins being directly injected into our children (many vaccines), Big Business has mastered the game of hiring experts who do research to prove their position, who make policy decisions, and who are elevated to “expert” status, and thus quoted over and over as though what they say is the truth and whole truth.  I am certainly not against vaccines, BUT, we need to look at the toxin side of the risk-benefit analysis.

 To parents of children who may have been harmed by toxins, I say you are my HERO if you can band together and help get the message out like the parents form Newtown Ct.  If your child struggles with developmental issues, or ADD or ADHD, or depression, or autism Spectrum, or allergies or eczema, etc,  then chances are you would be wise to do everything in your power to avoid ongoing toxins and join the battle to get the word out.  If your IQ was say 100 (average) but your children are struggling – think toxins.  If you are brilliant and successful, but your children are average – again, think toxins. 

 To all of us who have children who may not be reaching the potential that would have been, and could have been theirs, remember this – each has a special role and purpose in this lifetime. We are just the way we are, and being bitter, or resentful about what may have happened or could have been will not help in the least.  The physical and even intellectual aspects of our children, while important, should not be all we are concerned with.  Each child, each person, is a spiritual being with a journey that is beyond our understanding.  As parents, we get to learn and guide, teach and be taught, and share the journey with our children.

 So it’s not what happens to us, but what we do about it that matters most. In every challenge, there is an opportunity. We are called to look for the opportunity to be of service to our fellow humans. With greater challenge comes the opportunity for greater wisdom and greater growth.

 We must discipline our disappointment, look for the opportunity that is right in front of us, even as it may seem we are in a crisis of epic proportions.

 Thanks to all HERO parents who have embraced the journey. If you feel overwhelmed or angry, join us. Start taking a few small steps towards making a difference. Just as the parents in Newtown banded together, let us all unite and get the word out. Share blogs, YouTube videos, and anything you find that rings true.  It will take an uprising of the people, a revolution of the people, to demand that things change. We can make a better world for our kids and grandkids.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Dr Paul

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