Our Mission at Integrative Pediatrics

“Safe passage in a changing world”

Before Integrative Pediatrics was created, a few nurses and I were pondering what to say that would summarize the mission of this new clinic that was about to be formed.  We were guided by a desire to have open and honest communication about important health matters that were not getting the attention they needed.  The biggest threat to the health of our children, and indeed to all of us is the ever- growing amount of toxins our bodies are exposed to, and the increasing difficulty in obtaining really good organic (think no pesticides) food.

If you think of food as medicine, then the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food becomes obvious. Sadly in this past century, as we moved form the farms to the cities, we have relied on big business to feed us.  We have lost our connection to the earth and the food that it provides. 

The transition to allowing Monsanto (a giant chemical company) to control most of what we eat in the form of genetically modified foods, (GMO) is horrifying.  Most soy and corn in America comes form GMO seeds.  This produce is banned in Europe (27 countries).  These seeds are modified to allow mass spraying of Roundup (a Monsanto product), which kills everything but the soy or corn plant.  Does this roundup get in your food?  Of course it does.  Is it responsible for a multitude of health problems we now face from increased allergies, to immune system issues, GI issues etc? —-  have no doubt.

Each and every one of us is walking around with a growing body burden (the total accumulated) of toxins from heavy metals, to pesticides.  When we are developing inside our mom’s uterus, the uterus with its job to move nutrients to the growing baby, also concentrates toxins to the baby.  This past year the CDC recommended all pregnant women get a Tdap with its 330 or more micrograms of aluminum.  No tests have ever been done injecting a dose that is over 100X the known toxic dose into pregnant women.  At birth most newborns in this country get a Hepatitis B vaccine with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum even though this is a disease one catches form sex and IV drug use and 99% or more of moms in the USA are either immune to Hepatitis B or do not have the disease and have been tested to prove that fact!  Then comes the vaccine schedule in the USA that injects multiple aluminum containing vaccines on a single day. 

If you feed your baby rice cereal, we learned this year that most rice grown in this country is extremely toxic with huge amounts of arsenic.  Seems a lot of it is grown in fields that were once growing cotton, and the harvesting process of cotton involved spraying exfolients (think agent orange) and a large amount of arsenic is in the soil and becomes part of the rice we eat.  Makes me wonder what we are doing to all the corn and soy fields being sprayed with roundup. Will we forever destroy most of the arable land in America? 

Have you ever wondered why the USA with one of the largest expenditures on health care in the world lags far behind many countries in the health of its people?

I would offer that it’s largely toxins, toxins and more toxins.

Have you wondered why yours truly, (Dr Paul) is so passionate about sharing this message with you?  Well I truly believe that there is nothing more important for the health of your children and your own health than doing everything you can to minimize your toxin exposure and to maximize good nutrition. 

Hence we arrived at:  “Safe Passage in a Changing World” as our mission statement.

 Dr Paul

Hope for the New Year- Welcome 2013

Hope for the New Year – Welcome 2013

I am always excited for a new year.  While every day and every moment is connected to the previous one and the next one, the New Year gives us a chance to reflect on the past and make plans for the future.  While I have rarely had tremendous success at keeping my “New Years resolutions”, they have guided positive efforts and allowed for small, and occasionally great, victories.

So my message for this coming year is one of HOPE.  Let us rise each day and give the day our very best.  Everything will be OK in the end and if it’s not OK then just know that it is not the end yet. 

Sometimes I have found that my very best is not very effective because of habits that hold me back.  Do you have habits that are holding you back?  Are there any addictions that need to be removed from your life to make space for new and creative habits?  Make a decision today, right now, to get help for the addiction if you need to.  Contact me, find a 12–step meeting, seek professional help from a counselor, doctor, or trusted friend who will tell you the truth and not what you want to hear. 

Let’s add at least one good habit this year.  Imagine adding exercise for example.  One hour a day, 6 days a week and we have by years end over 300 hours of exercise.  To be sure, our lives will be transformed by just this one new habit.  For our children, they need our love and some quality time where we are checking in with them – each day. This may only require 5 minutes, but those 5 minutes can make all the difference.

With intention and purpose, we shall make 2013 a year we can look back on and know that this was the year we changed for the better, personally and for those we love.

Dr Paul

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