Thanksgiving 2016

This is a time of the year to pause, shut off the media; the external that has entered our brains and the internal we have let creep into our psyche, and be grateful.

I’m grateful to my wife, Maiya, who stands beside me and cheers me on, no matter how hard I work or how my many projects take away personal time that she would so dearly love to share with me.

I’m thankful to have living parents who have supported me and given quiet wise counsel my whole life. If you are a parent – believe in your child and children. Support their dreams, ask hard questions gently, giving them time to figure things out. They need your love and support more than anything else you have or could give them.

I’m blessed beyond measure to have so many children, biologic, adopted and acquired. While it is a sure way to keep you from becoming materialistic, even that is a blessing. What would I need with fancy homes, cars and exotic vacations when I have loving children who care about me and each other and the world they live in.

I am sincerely grateful to my patients, over 13,000 who have chosen to make Integrative Pediatrics their home for medical care. I am grateful for my entire amazing team at Integrative Pediatrics – it takes a village and we have an amazing village. I am grateful for your trust and patience.  You see it has been a journey we have shared, to go from that energetic Dartmouth Medical School educated, board certified pediatrician who thought he knew the right things to do ….. to learning that some of what we were doing (vaccines for example) was part of the problem. Those of you who saw your child regress into autism, but stuck with me, told me what you were going through, trying, and shared the knowledge you were gaining … THANK-YOU!

Grateful that I was open to learning new information that was contrary to what I was taught and being told to think.

Besides global warming and nuclear war, the most important issue of our time is halting the massive wave of chronic diseases that is destroying our children’s brains (autism, ASD, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression) and cancer and autoimmune disorders.

What can we do?

I’m most grateful this year to all who made it possible for my book to become a reality.  To JB who introduced me to my co-author, the wonderful and amazing Jennifer Margulis, and everyone who has supported this project.

Book CoverThe Vaccine-Friendly Plan is the book I’ve been wanting to write for a decade, ever since I discovered the truth that it was toxins, toxins, toxins that were causing the autism and health epidemic we are facing, and that vaccines were perhaps the most toxic piece of the puzzle. (click here to learn more and purchase this book that is shocking the medical community)

Here is what is being said about this book:

“One of America’s hottest parenting topics and hard to keep in stock! Within days of it’s release in August, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan by Paul Thomas, M.D., and Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., literally SOLD OUT–both on Amazon and in many of the independent books stores where it first hit the shelves. The book even has wait-lists at libraries! With coming up on a 100 consumer reviews, dozens of medical and healthcare experts who’ve sent positive feedback, and numerous article features online, it’s definitely been shaking up the scene with impressive early sales and reader testimony. And beginning on December 27th, the book will also be available in audio format, which for many new or expecting parents, this may be an ideal format to absorb the information while still having hands available–or for grandparents with waning eyesight who play an active role in their grandchild’s life.”

A complete stranger to me until this week, Dr Bose Ravenel MD FAAP said this after reading the book: “without a doubt the finest single book I have ever read that I would give to or recommend to every parent of a child I have the privilege to work with.

The truth will set us free. When you have a light, you don’t put it under the table- you lift it up to shine on the world.

Thanks to all who get it!

Thanks to all who are reading this amazing book, buying it for your loved ones and sharing about it every chance you get.


Dr. Paul


PaulThomasDr. Paul Thomas, M.D., is a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician and a specialist in addiction medicine. He has over 13,000 children in his practice and over 196,000 subscribers on YouTube. His new book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, gives parents the information they need to help their children avoid toxins.


Time to Come Together for the Greater Good of Our Children

americanflagwavingThe presidential election is over. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all wanted change. It seems we all sense something is broken in our system of government, big business control over media, and that our basic freedoms are under assault.

It has never been more important than now, that we identify those issues we are passionate about and get to work to change things for the better.

Tomorrow marks 30 years for the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34) was enacted in the United States to reduce the potential financial liability of vaccine makers due to vaccine injury claims.

This is a $3.6 billion program to help victims suffering from vaccine reactions. It is falling short on promises as most children who suffer from autism or neurological or immune system damage, or cancer, or other chronic disease are usually denied compensation.

The fund gives vaccine-makers immunity from being sued, and they don’t pay for it, we do.

Imagine making a product for which you have no liability, then have the government (CDC) promote it for you and get it mandated!

How do we begin, changing this system?

Book CoverI recommend you read and gift our book, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan” to everyone you care about.  This book will educate everyone on the grave error that everyone should get every vaccine according to the one size fits all CDC vaccine schedule.



The time has come to fight for our freedom, individual freedom and the freedom to control what is put into our bodies. No government should have the power to inject anything or force us to take any pharmaceutical product without our consent.  PERIOD!


Dr. Paul


PaulThomasDr. Paul Thomas, M.D., is a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician and a specialist in addiction medicine. He has over 13,000 children in his practice and over 196,000 subscribers on YouTube. His new book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, gives parents the information they need to help their children avoid toxins.


February 17th is Vaccine Exclusion Day at Oregon Schools- Did You Know That You Can Still Get Non-Medical Exemptions? – Learn how

Feb17February 17th. is Vaccine Exclusion Day at Oregon Schools.

In 2015, I testified at the Oregon Senate health committee against SB442 that was going to get rid of the ability for parents to get a philosophical or non-medical exemption to vaccines. That bill was dropped, so we have preserved parent’s rights in Oregon to selectively vaccinate or not to vaccinate.  Medical freedom still exists in Oregon. If you ask most doctors and most school officials, you will not hear this truth.  They will tell you your child needs all the “required” vaccines or they will be excluded from school on February 17th. 2016.

The State vaccine program has been sending out warning letters to parents whose children are not fully vaccinated that these children will not be able to attend school starting February 17th. Sadly, they do not inform parents of their right to watch a state produced educational video and then print off their certificate so the schools will allow their child to attend school.

As a result of the passage of SB895 last year, students in public and private schools and certified child care facilities who had a non-medical (religious or philosophical) vaccine exemption in place before March 1, 2014 need to obtain a new non-medical exemption by next Wednesday, February 17.

You can watch the Vaccine Education Module here:

You will have to sit there and click through the slides of the video. The length of the video depends on how many vaccines your are opting out of, and takes anywhere from 10 minutes for a single vaccine, to about an hour for all of them. Be sure your computer is attached to a printer at the time you watch this and print off several certificates, at least one for each child and an extra one for you to keep in your records. When you give this document to your school or daycare, you will also need to fill out, and sign the state certificate of immunization status:  that the schools typically provide.

Most of my patients have done lots of vaccines, just not all of them.  Fill in those that you have done.  Sign it. Turn in your certificate and wish them a good day. No, your doctor does not need to sign this form.

If your school is giving you any trouble, send them to the State web site on this topic:

They can Google search “Oregon non-medical exemptions” and it comes right up!

If all this fails perhaps a visit from an attorney to level harassment charges might be the last resort.

Medical freedom and informed consent must be our guide, not misinformed schools and physicians who don’t even know the law or the rules. I’m being nice when I say they don’t know the laws and the rules.  Perhaps they are being dishonest and manipulative.  I’d like to think not.


Dr. Paul.

PaulThomasDr. Paul Thomas, M.D. is an award-winning Dartmouth-trained pediatrician with nearly 30 years of experience in pediatrics. In addition to being board certified in Pediatrics, he is an expert on addiction and board certified in Addiction Medicine. His practice, Integrative Pediatrics, serves some 11,000 children in Portland, Oregon. He is the co-author of the forthcoming book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul’s Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health—from Pregnancy through Your Child’s Teen Years (Ballantine 2016).

Help Shape Medical Freedom In Oregon

OMF HeaderDear Friends,

Our thanks go out to those who helped with the signature gathering on the petitions for our potential ballot measure. We don’t have an official update yet, but as soon as have concrete information, we will let you know! The political process is time-consuming and sometimes runs slow as you all well know.

It’s also expensive.

We’ve made headway, but we have a long way to go. We’re on the cusp of creating a clear and permanent moat around preserving medical freedom for our kids and our families, but we need your help urgently to make it happen.

We don’t have fancy donors or large companies behind us – but we do have passion. We are the future of medical freedom and it takes all of us, little by little, to make big changes in Oregon.

Your contribution of $5, 10, 25, $50, or $100 will have a significant impact as we fight to protect our rights to medical freedom and informed consent, and because of the Oregon Political Tax Credit, it doesn’t have to cost you anything. Sound too good to be true? Read the details about this tax credit on our website.

We know the fight to protect medical freedom, right to privacy, and personal decision making regarding medical procedures for our families, is far from over and we need your help now, more than ever. Please consider contributing to support our efforts and help medical freedom move forward.

You can contribute quickly and securely by clicking on the button at the end of this email, on our website here, or you can mail a check to Oregonians for Medical Freedom PAC with the information here.

Thank you so much for your support, for your consideration of a financial contribution, and for your continued commitment to medical freedom for all Oregonians.

With your help today, we will shape medical freedom in the future.


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