REVOLUTION, Health Care, Autism, Vaccine safety – Real news and where to get it!

Bernie talked of revolution, Trump talked of revolution. Too bad we couldn’t combine the best each had. But the real revolution is just getting started. Regardless of party, religion or any other group that would separate us, we the people are waking up.  We are realizing that mainstream media is just a phony puppet front for big business and their interests. Powerful interests who own the media have intentionally kept vital information from us, and fed us a steady diet of lies and misrepresentations.

Where is the real news?

We are starting to realize it is with us already, yes indeed, on the Internet, social media, and even in print. We are waking up to the fact that we must question everything.  If your news media or the CDC or a vaccine manufacturer says this vaccine is safe, then they put millions into promoting it … THINK again. No vaccine is completely safe, so what are the real numbers? Where are the real safety studies?

What? The don’t exist? How can that be?

Across the country Integrative Physicians, Functional Medicine doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and many other healers in the “alternative medicine” world are starting to speak up. Starting to wake up to the disaster that has been shoved down our throats that is the CDC vaccine schedule, that is pesticides and herbicides, that is GMO foods, aspartame, acetaminophen and a drug for every symptom you can imagine, syndromes made up of a group of symptoms – all for the purpose of selling more drugs.

If there was a large pediatric practice with over 13,000 patients, where patients had been empowered with all the facts and the ability to make informed decisions about which vaccines to do when (INFORMED CONSENT) and then the data was collected over many years that showed no vaccines or a slower careful vaccine schedule could virtually eliminate autism, significantly reduce illnesses, office visits and ER visits and reduce developmental delays … would you think your news outlets would jump all over that?

The book that outlines the approach used in this pediatric practice (Integrative Pediatrics) is shared in detail in a very powerful book:

The Vaccine-Friendly Plan []

Book Cover

Too bad the national organization that recommends books for libraries to carry has chosen to censor this one. Too dangerous for you to read – NOT RECOMMENDED.

If this experience and data were submitted for publication, you would think journals would be fighting to get the chance to publish such society saving information.  Think again. Time and time again, journals who publish anything that has to do with vaccines and autism are threatened by the big powers that be and told to retract the study (if it’s already printed) or forced not to print it (if not yet printed).


You won’t hear about this in the news on the boob tube, the papers or any other mainstream outlet. You won’t hear about this from your doctor, unless you have already left your doctor for one more enlightened.

Just this week JAMA just published a study showing the flu shot was safe for pregnancy! [] The news of this wonderful finding is being blasted all over mainstream media. Just a quick look at the data, what they actually found and guess what?

There will be 4 more cases of autism for every 1000 women who get the flu shot in the first trimester.  We have about 4 million births a year in the USA so that would amount to an additional 16,000 cases of autism a year.  It should be a crime to give the flu shot during pregnancy.

Be careful where you get your news.

The revolution is under way.

Mainstream media – I can’t hear you anymore. I’m tired of your lies. Your inability to investigate the real story shows that those who pay your salary have you under complete control – you are now obsolete.


Paul Thomas, M.D.

PaulThomasDr. Paul Thomas, M.D., is a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician and a specialist in addiction medicine. He has over 13,000 children in his practice and over 196,000 subscribers on YouTube. His new book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, gives parents the information they need to help their children avoid toxins.