How to Get Your Oregon Exemption for Vaccines

vaccine3Is your school threatening to kick your child out for missing vaccines?

Have you received the State letter from Immunization Alert informing you of which vaccines your child needs or they will be excluded from school?


We are not living in NAZI Germany. The State does not have the right to force vaccines on your child without your consent and there is a way to get an exemption from the State “mandated” vaccines.

Oregonians for Medical Freedom, (I am a co-chair) succeeded in shutting down SB 442 that would have required all vaccines to attend school. While a law was passed so schools could post how many under-vaccinated or unvaccinated children they have in their school, they are not allowed to post your specific information nor should they harass you as I’m hearing has been happening.

Thankfully we still live in a relatively free country (although those freedoms are fast evaporating as happened in California where children must get all vaccines to attend daycare or school).

If you live in Oregon and you have thoughtfully considered which vaccines to give your child and which to delay or not do at all, then you can get your exemption by watching the State video and printing off a certificate for each of your children. Take this certificate to your school and let them know your child has a constitutionally protected right to an education and that you have met the State requirements for an exemption. Have them make a note of it and you should NOT stand and listen to any non-sense about anything from an uneducated secretary, teacher, or principal. If you have been one of my patients, you almost certainly know a lot more about vaccines, and which ones make sense and which do not, than most doctors in the country let alone non-medical folks!

Here is the link to the video you must watch to get your exemption:


Dr. Paul


  • Kendra

    Thank you Dr. Thomas. Also remind your readers to not be shamed by the spineless tactic of “what about immune compromised children?” First of all, their parents are responsible for keeping them safe and sending them to a school, full immunization or not is not protecting them. At our school my vaccine exempt daughter IS the immune compromised child. Do I worry about vaccine preventable diseases? Nope. Instead while other children have one or two mild illnesses a year, my child gets them all and just as she is about over one, she gets another. Every single time that upper respiratory illness that is a minor nuisance to others is life threatening for my child. A few week ago my child relayed to me that in one class, no less than 6 kids were sicker than a dog. So sick that one laid down on the classroom floor and another pushed two chairs together and laid on them. On each side, front, and back were kids coughing, rattled breathing, and looking like they had been run over by a truck. While vaccine exemptors are being shamed and legislated against, these morons are sending their kids to school with all kinds of bacteria, viruses, infections, with fevers and coughing, sneezing, etc. without a thought for my child or other vulnerable children. VPDs are the least of my worries, but lazy parents sending very sick kids to school doesn’t make for sensationalized press or effective scapegoats like the term “anti-vaxxers” stirs up.

  • Stephanie M.

    Is there a website to find pediatricians that administer vaccines not in combo shots or that allow parents to chose a different schedule of vaccination in Dallas tx area?

    On a whole different topic: what are the signs that it is unsafe to have an infant cry it out? I want my 4 week old to sleep in his bed but his intense red faced crying worries me.

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