Last Chance To Use Your Tax Credit!!

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Oregon’s Political Tax Credit –
Use it or Lose it by December 31!

It’s your last chance to use your Oregon Political Tax Credit and support medical freedom in Oregon. Your contribution of $25, $50 or even $100 can make a difference to our coalition as we fight to protect our rights to medical freedom and informed consent—and it doesn’t have to cost you anything!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not…

Through our tax system, the state of Oregon gives each tax-paying Oregonian a $50 gift. But you can’t keep it—you either send the money back to the state in taxes, or you donate it to a qualified political action committee like Oregonians for Medical Freedom.

If you file an Oregon tax return, you may be eligible* for the Oregon Political Tax Credit which allows you to make a contribution of up to $100 (married filing jointly, $50 individual filers) to committees like ours and receive every dollar of it back when you file your income tax return next year.

This is not a deduction. It is a tax credit. That means that if you owe money to the state at the end of the year, you will owe up to $100 less. If you are due a refund, your refund will be that much more.

You must use it before December 31, 2015! Donate online today!

You can read more about the Oregon Political Tax Credit on our website here.

*Please note, due to a recent change in Oregon law, individuals with adjusted gross income over $100,000 or joint filers with combined income exceeding $200,000 no longer qualify for the Political Tax Credit. You can consult your tax advisor for more information.