The Measles Epidemic That Isn’t! Infectious Diseases Society of America Seems to Be in The Business of Fear-Mongering

scaredycatIn the press release, “One in 8 children at risk for measles, analysis shows,” (which you can find here… ) the Infectious Diseases Society of America plays with numbers and statistics to promote a sense that we are in some imminent risk of a measles epidemic. They lead off with, “gaps in measles vaccination rates place one in eight children at risk for becoming sick from the highly contagious illness, according to an analysis of national vaccination coverage being presented at IDWeek 2015™. Measles can lead to pneumonia, encephalitis, hospitalization and occasionally, death.”

They present that, “nearly 9 million children – infants through 17 – are susceptible to measles primarily because they haven’t received the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, or have received only one of the two recommended doses.” Since the first MMR vaccine cannot be given until 12-15 months of age, and the second MMR is given at 4-6 years of age, and we have almost 4 million births a year in the USA, obviously there will be about 4 million who have not had the vaccine each year even when they are following the CDC schedule.

They make a big deal saying, “nearly one in four children aged three or younger are at risk, the study found.” Well if you are looking at those 0-3 years old and you have to be 12 months old to get the vaccine, then it should be 1/3 who are not vaccinated and thus at risk! We know from past studies that one vaccine is 95% effective. This leaves 5% of those who got their first vaccine on schedule at 12 months vulnerable until they get their second vaccine at age 4-6 years. The authors of this study know this, but play with these numbers to make it seem like there is some crisis on the horizon as more parents learn about the risks of the MMR and choose to delay or skip this vaccine.

A look at countries that have had significantly lower rates of immunizations, such as England in the past couple decades, shows that there are slight increases in the numbers of cases but very few deaths. We are not on the verge of some measles epidemic.

This type of “study” is no more than a ploy to frighten the population into getting the MMR on schedule regardless of your risk factors and regardless of other information that suggests the MMR may be associated with significant risks.

A look at the CDC data found here shows that the “epidemic” of measles that was blamed on Disneyland is over. Measles rates for 2015 have basically returned to baseline. We have had no deaths in the USA the past decade associated with measles infections. The Disneyland epidemic was hardly a blip on the map of measles infections.


One should remember that measles in the 1800’s was epidemic and had a high fatality rate. Prior to the introduction of the MMR in 1963, measles was almost nonexistent in the USA. While the MMR gets most of the credit for the huge reduction in measles, in fact it has been improved nutrition and sanitation that has been responsible for the eradication of measles. The book, “Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History,” by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk provides excellent data and references for those wanting the facts.

I suspect our children and society would be better served to have the MMR being given at age 3 rather than to babies 12-15 months old, and we could then check measles titers (IgG) at age 4-6 years to determine what percentage of children might need a booster dose. This approach would result in far less side effects and probably provide more than adequate herd immunity to prevent measles from spreading through the community.

What we need from our infectious disease experts is a willingness to challenge the status quo when it comes to the vaccine schedule. We need to look at long term comparative schedules, and track immunity and side effects from vaccines. Sadly, vaccines are added, and added, and then more are added to the CDC schedule. There is never a long term analysis of how children do who are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or fully vaccinated. Until such studies are done, it seems we are stuck with the best minds being forced to come up with reasons we should continue business as usual and give all the vaccines to all the children.

We hear over and over the mantra, “vaccines are safe and effective”. Of course everyone knows that some children suffer catastrophic side effects. Some are triggered into autism. Some die. Many are suffering from a new syndrome ASIA (Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants). Should we accept this as the cost of doing business?

Who pays the price when a child is damaged by a vaccine? I assure you that it is not the infectious disease experts that make the vaccine schedule recommendations, and not the companies that manufacture the vaccines (they are immune from liability). It is our children and the parents who must care for these children.

I’m a pro vaccine pediatrician. I’m also not a fan of the MMR before age 3. I’ve heard too many times the sad story of a child who was completely normal at age 1 year, who regressed into autism after the MMR vaccine. You’ll read that it’s been proven there is no link. Tell that to the families in my practice who watched this happen before their eyes. Tell that to CDC researcher Dr Thompson (whistle blower) who felt compelled ethically to risk his career and expose that the data that showed no link between the MMR and autism had been manipulated. The data that showed a link was excluded after the study was done, intentionally, to make sure the paper could present data that showed no link.


Measles is not a significant risk here in the USA. We have had no deaths – NONE – caused by measles in the past decade. Meanwhile, back at the farm, we have seen the autism rate jump from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 67. It’s not just the MMR responsible for this, but what if it is part of the puzzle?

Infectious disease doctors don’t see autism, developmental delays, and the host of chronic disease our children are experiencing. At least they don’t see it as in any way linked to the vaccine schedule they promote. You can’t see what you don’t look for! Studies will come showing the huge improvement in health for the selectively and unvaccinated children. What will be important is that we not throw out the baby with the bath water. Vaccines have been a huge benefit to society and our children. We simply must individualize and selectively vaccinate.

Minimize the injection of toxins, by NOT getting the Tdap while pregnant, and don’t give the Hepatitis B vaccine to infants whose mothers do not have Hepatitis B. Wait until age 3 to give the MMR. Consider delaying the Hepatitis A vaccine until your child is school age, if at all. Only give one aluminum containing vaccine at a time. There are risks and benefits to these recommendations. Discuss them with your physician.



Dr. Paul




  • Vaccine Information

    Good article. One minor correction- MMR was not rolled out until the 1970’s. There were two measles vaccines licensed in 1963, a live and killed virus version, but both were withdrawn due to problems. The live version caused reactions more severe than regular natural measles, and the killed version did not work and made people more susceptible to complications when exposed to natural measles. Rubella was rolled out in in 67 or so, Mumps after that. The combination shot occurred later.
    Public Health knows Measles is not a threat in the developed world, as evidenced here in this recent AJPH article.
    This article illustrates that the Measles vaccine necessity had to be manufactured in the US.
    The manipulation of data is a key factor in ramming through legislation to eliminate non-medical vaccine exemptions. A fictional scenario, where suddenly a huge number of children became “unvaccinated”, was used to frighten CA legislators into supporting SB277.
    Thank you for a rational and measured response to the hysteria.

  • Vaccination is child abuse , the smallpox vaccine killed millions as anyone can see from one pic , which is a pointer, and u can destroy vaccination with stats, medical politics , true numbers of vaccine damaged, like 99% of autism, disease theory and suppressed medicine like the 60 year old vit c cure for infections

    measles deaths declined by 99.4% before vaccination and it is safe disease under proper management, while we have an epidemic of vaccine induced autism from mercury vaccines and measles vaccines like MMR

  • Julian

    Correction – there was a measles death next door in WA state in the spring of 2015, prior to this post.

    Claiming it’s a numbers game to include infants too young for routine MMR in the vulnerable population and in the same breath arguing for 3yo as the MMR age is callous and backwards logic. Do you *really* want to increase the numbers of young children vulnerable to measles? Even if you had been right about no measles deaths there’s still complications like SSPE. Which hits all your integrative medicine woo-buzzwords like inflammation and encephalitis except it’s very very real.

    • Paul Thomas, M.D.

      That death you are referring too was actually caused by medications that suppressed the immune system and the measles was found incidental at autopsy – not considered the cause of death.

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