Dissolving Illusions- A Must Read If You Want the Whole History on Vaccines

Dissolving IllusionsMy patients (all 11,000 plus) know that I am a vaccine friendly doctor. I am pro-vaccine, I administer vaccines every day in my office, writing checks to vaccine manufacturers in the neighborhood of $10,000 at a time. Obviously, these are hardly the actions of an anti-vaccine pediatrician. Patients and their families also know that they will get the full story on each and every vaccine. Some are not studied well enough to be safe. For example, the Tdap in pregnancy. Others have ample evidence to suggest we should not give them according to the CDC schedule. An example here would be Hepatitis B with the 250 micrograms of aluminum that far exceeds the safe dose for a newborn. Less than 1% of US born infants have moms that have Hepatitis B, and it is only this less than 1% of US born babies who would need that vaccine.

I encourage all who want a thorough, unbiased history of vaccines in our country and around the world to read the book, “Dissolving Illusions” by Suzanne Humphries, MD. and Roman Bystrianik. Vaccines get all the credit in the media and by most pediatricians and doctors for the elimination of the vaccine preventable diseases like polio, smallpox, and the like. I witnessed vaccines virtually eliminate meningitis caused by H. Flu, so I know the power of vaccines. However, this has not been the case with Hepatitis B for newborns. We are also seeing problems with the Pertussis vaccine, where bacteria are adapting and no longer being stopped by the vaccine. I still recommend the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis) as it provides some protection, but at a cost. That vaccine has a huge dose of toxic aluminum.

It’s all about weighing risks and benefits. We certainly cannot mandate all vaccines for all children in the world. There are far too many variables. “One schedule for all” is too simplistic. Parents often know their family’s risk factors for damage from vaccines, or that they do poorly when exposed to toxins, etc.

Stay tuned, and don’t fall for the old, “vaccines are safe and effective,” and, “it’s been proven that vaccines have nothing to do with autism,” clichés. As the story unfolds, it is becoming clear that vaccines are part of the toxic soup that our children are forced to drink. Sometimes we must take our medicine, as the disease we are treating or preventing is just too serious and the risks too great. At other times, it seems we are just reaching for the medicine because others used to drink it so it must be good for us.

Our media seems oblivious to the hundreds if not thousands of studies that show problems with adjuvants like aluminum, vaccines and poor health outcomes. Parents, you will need to start doing your own research and thinking for yourselves. Sadly, your pediatrician is likely as brainwashed as the media. I recommend the book, “Dissolving Illusions”. It’s a bit science heavy at times, but skim through those parts and you’ll still get the message. If we cannot read or learn the true history about vaccines and the diseases they are made to prevent, then we will go blindly forward and harm millions of children in the process. These are the very children we are trying to protect!

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  • Thank you for this. I wish more doctors would advocate for their patients to do research or ask questions. Instead, every time I resist giving my daughters the HPV vaccine, I am shunned and shamed, despite the vast amount of research I’ve done and my bachelor’s degrees in biology and chemistry and my history of direct patient care.

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