Fluoride in Your Water? Fluoride Supplements? Study Shows Florosis more Prevalent than Ever

WaterfallIf the only problem with too much fluoride were dental fluorosis (white specs on your teeth) the continued poisoning of the US population with fluoride would be a nuisance. Sadly, the fluorosis caused by the added fluoride is the tip of the toxic iceberg.  Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor (interfering with thyroid function) and neurotoxin with direct toxicity to the brain.

In a news release, “Gov’t Fails to Disclose Fluorides Disproportionate Harm to Black Community”, (which you can read here… ) it was revealed that the US government was aware of the toxic issues presented to the public, and in particular, the black community. In a recently obtained internal memorandum from 1962 the US public health service revealed “negros in Grand Rapids had twice as much fluorosis than others”. The CDC’s 1999-2004 national survey showed 58% of black children verses 36% of white children had dental fluorosis. You can find this here…

These staggering numbers alone should be enough to call for an end to the misguided process of fluoridation of our water.


Dr. Paul



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