Survey of Pediatricians and Family Practice Doctors Attitudes Toward Delayed Vaccines is Telling

OregonFlagWhat would you call a doctor who talked you into doing a medical procedure on your healthy newborn that they didn’t need, that would definitely provide your child no benefit, that would certainly expose your child to great risk of poisoning, and an increased risk for autism and developmental delay,  and to top it all off, they tell you it will protect society when that is not true since this procedure will actually put society at greater risk for the disease they are talking about?

I’ve asked this of several people and gotten answers like:

  • A quack
  • An idiot
  • An MD
  • Someone who should have their license removed.

As pointed out in the article in Contemporary Pediatrics , “Docs spread out vaccine schedule despite concerns,” the answer to the above question is ……

87% of surveyed Pediatricians and Family Practice specialists who believed that “it was important to give all vaccines in the primary series on time (92%) and that spreading out vaccinations was putting the children at risk of disease (87%) “. You can read this article here…

Let me explain.

When a mom delivers a newborn, that newborn is only at risk for Hepatitis B infection if the birth mom has Hepatitis B. Less than 1% of moms in the USA have Hepatitis B and less than 1 in 1000 in my practice in Portland, Oregon.  We catch Hepatitis B from blood products (needle sticks, IV drug use, sharing needles, and sex).  The Hepatitis B vaccine that is forced on newborns by my peers contains 250 micrograms of aluminum.  The adult daily maximum is 50 micrograms.  Exceeding 15-20 micrograms for a newborn is a toxic dose with studies showing increased developmental delays, risk of autism and disturbance of the immune system.  To make matters worse, when the Hepatitis B series is given to infants, it is not providing lasting immunity, thus when our babies grow up and have sex someday, they likely won’t have the protection they need.

We need to give this vaccine, but only to newborns whose mothers have Hepatitis B or have an unknown status to Hepatitis B and then we should give this series of aluminum-laden vaccine doses to early teens before they are sexually active.

As doctors, we are required to give informed consent before we do any medical procedure.  There is a huge press across the country to remove doctors and the informed consent process from vaccines.  In my state of Oregon we had Senate Bill 442 that would mandate all children get all vaccines or they cannot attend school or daycare. The informed consent is not mentioned and in fact, it appears they wanted to remove the ability of all doctors to give a medical exemption, reserving that for State selected “special doctors”.  I can only imagine that these doctors would most certainly be in the 87% who see nothing wrong with the story I started out with.

How could this be?

Why isn’t everyone outraged?

This is a mater of utmost importance, as we are witnessing before our eyes one of the most cunning corporate takeovers of medicine and your right of freedom to chose your healthcare, freedom to decide what is done to your body, and freedom to advocate for your children.

Sadly, it is often the doctors turned politicians (example- the sponsor of our Oregon bill – State Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward) who are leading the charge to strip your rights as parents, and to mandate medical procedures on babies and children without informed consent.

Regardless of their motivation, AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP!  Parents, we must unite and show with a strong and united voice that we will not stand by and watch this corporate assault on our children.

Join in the effort to let the Oregon legislature know that Oregonians will not tolerate Senators who try to take way our rights to informed consent, our right to a public education for our children, and our right to decide what is done to our bodies by the medical establishment.

For another well written blog written by Dr Zelfand, read here…

Dr. Paul


  • Jille H.

    I don’t know why everyone is not outraged! My heart breaks for what is going on. I wish doctors would challenge the status quo and look into and research like you do. I save all your articles, Dr. Thomas. Thank you so much for all your information!

  • Miss Kayla

    What’s more, most doctors aren’t even informed on what is wrong about this.

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