Back to School- Oregon’s New Law On Immunizations SB 895, and What to Do to Get a Vaccine Exemption

oregonlawIn Oregon, 2015, the new law SB 895 does away with old religious exemptions one may have on file prior to March 2014. If you want your child in school and your child has not had all of the mandated vaccines, you have 3 options:

  1. Get all the vaccines required
  2. Get a health care practitioner to sign off that they have educated you according to the CDC guidelines
  3. Watch the online video and print off your exemption certificate at


The link to this vaccine module is also on my web site in the top right corner.

The law requires that your child must have all of the mandated vaccines, even 3 of the Hepatitis B vaccines, which cover a disease you catch from sex and IV drug use.  It is also a vaccine that has a huge dose (250 micrograms) of aluminum. Most patients in my practice are choosing to wait and give the Hepatitis B vaccine to teenagers, so they will need to watch the online video and print off the certificates to get their children into school or day care.

To get the full story on vaccines (that information which the state video leaves out) read my blog:


Dr. Paul


  • Chantelle Baldwin

    Do you know if they need the exemption if they have had chicken pox or if they can prove titers? They are still technically not ‘getting’ all the shots that way, so are ‘exempt’ from some. Just wondering if it is the same video process

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