Methanol (aspartame, fruit juices, cigarettes, etc.) Linked to Autism

Aspartame BubbleHere it is folks, the author of “While Science Sleeps,” Woodrow Monte, has teamed up with Ralph Walton to publish an elegant study, “Dietary methanol and autism”. (you can find it here… )  By assessing aspartame intake, they found  that women who did not have an autistic child consumed 66.71 mg. of methanol weekly compared 142.31 mg/ weekly by those mom’s who gave birth to a child with autism.

The article clearly explains how this methanol is so toxic to humans when animals seem relatively spared of any toxicity. “In all non-human animals the first metabolite of methanol, formaldehyde, is produced by catalase safely in the peroxisome where its conversion to formic acid and then carbon dioxide can proceed easily via the same enzyme. Unfortunately the human peroxisome has no such protective mechanism, leaving methanol’s conversion to formaldehyde to the free floating alcohol dehydrogenase class 1 (ADH) enzyme in the cytosol of many non-hepatic cells such as the Purkinje in the cerebellum and the lining of the blood vessels of the brain.”

This unique vulnerability of humans to methanol toxicity, is the exact reason that a tiny amount of alcohol every day is protective of health when you compare those who take no alcohol or too much alcohol to those who consume the equivalent of one drink a day. For those of us who are non-drinkers, we also have protection from the small amount of fermentation in our GI tracks (don’t go take up drinking now!) The small amount of alcohol ties up the alcohol dehydrogenase that would otherwise be converting that methanol to the very toxic formaldehyde.

I realize this is complex biochemistry, and it was hard for me to grasp. Suffice it to say, there is a clear mechanism by which methanol could be very toxic, and potentially a big contributor to the autism epidemic if not a major cause! The key then is to avoid the main sources of methanol. A big surprise for many is the packed or bottled juices, fruits, or vegetables. Methanol (wood alcohol) comes from the breakdown of pectin in the plant. Left over time in a bottle, bag, or jar, fruits and vegetables release methanol. Unless you simmer the heck out of it (like making spaghetti sauce) you will consume a huge dose of the toxic methanol. Those organic food pouches you give your baby have sat on a store shelf releasing methanol, and then your sweet baby gets to suck it right in! Remember to always use fresh fruits and vegetables and juice should always be fresh squeezed.

An ounce of methanol will kill a grown man! How much do you want to take in while pregnant or give to your infant or toddler?

In approximate order of danger (highest methanol content listed first):


  1. Diet soda (diet drinks- Pepsi is removing aspartame) (12 ounces has 25 mg methanol)
  2. Juice (8 ounces has 18 mg methanol)
  3. Light (diet) yogurt (if sweetened with aspartame. Yoplait yogurt is now removing aspartame from its light products)
  4. Smoking (tobacco or other)
  5. Aspartame (Nutrasweet, Splenda, etc.)
  6. Diet anything (sweetened with aspartame)
  7. Children’s medicines/ chewable/ dissolve tabs (many have aspartame)
  8. Gum (most brands use aspartame)


Any other artificial sweetener is preferable to aspartame! Consider small amounts of local honey for your sweetener and you boost your immune system while avoiding the toxins of aspartame.

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