NY Times takes aim at all pregnant moms and their unborn children in this blog

Prego and Shot    In the NY Times blog, “Pregnancy Is the Best Time for Some Vaccines,” by Jane E. Brody, (you can find that blog here… ) posted August 3, 2015, she promotes a message direct from the “vaccines are safe and effective playbook” with total disregard for common sense and the science of toxin exposure during pregnancy being something to avoid. Using the age-old tired scare tactic of sharing a story of disease that could have been potentially prevented by a vaccine, she goes on to quote statistics that have little to do with the issue at hand.

If we are going to vaccinate pregnant women, we MUST be certain that doing so is safe for that developing baby and brain. Sadly, the CDC has moved forward this past year pushing hard for all pregnancies to be vaccinated with both the flu shot and the Tdap. This, despite no (that’s right NO) testing ever done on pregnant women for either of these vaccines. Read the package inserts for the flu shot and the Tdap. They say very clearly that these vaccines have not been tested on for pregnancy.

The CDC quotes a bunch little studies that have no control groups, no long term follow-ups, and don’t look at the right side effects, as proof that these are safe to do during pregnancy.  No IRB (Institutional Review Board) would allow for the experimentation on humans who were pregnant by injecting vaccines, and certainly not until adequate placebo-controlled long term studies were done on animals. Despite the lack of such studies, this blog makes sweeping ethical judgments, “for a child to die from whooping cough in this day and age is criminal,” ignoring the criminality of injecting the huge dose of aluminum that comes with that Tdap vaccine, with no safety testing.

Picking the one worst statistics, she writes, “in Wisconsin alone in 2012, 367 babies less than a year old came down with whooping cough, 60 of whom had to be hospitalized and three of whom died.” What she doesn’t add is that for the past 15 years out of the roughly 4 million babies born each year about 10-20 die of pertussis and that this number can be cut in half by the program of cocooning (where parents, family members and caregivers get the pertussis vaccine so they don’t bring pertussis home to the baby). While no death ok, guaranteed poisoning of every baby born in America is absolutely absurd! Intelligent doctors around the world who make vaccine program recommendations apparently disagree with our CDC as virtually no other country in the world allows this poisoning of their pregnant moms and their babies.

Common sense should prevail, but it is so difficult to find reason when our mainstream media bombards our citizens with a continuous drumbeat of propaganda that vaccines are safe and effective. No vaccine is totally safe. I am pro-vaccine and give them every day in my practice. I have seen the amazing benefits of vaccines on the health of our population. This one area (vaccinating pregnant women before adequate testing) is one where I just cannot support the insanity. That unborn child has a very immature immune system. We are seeing more and more autoimmune issues in children these days. How much of that is triggered by all the aluminum in vaccines? There is a very clear connection between vaccines and autoimmune issues. The new syndrome ASIA (Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants) is well documented. For more on ASIA see my blog located here…



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