Vaccine Safety Review Shows Rotavirus is Associated With Increased Intussusceptions and MMR with Seizures

vaccinesafeThe study, “Safety of vaccines used for routine immunization of U.S. children: a systematic review, looked at over 20,478 titles and included 67 to review. They hand-picked 0.3% of the studies or about 3 in 1000 to review! While acknowledging that “the majority of studies did not investigate or identify risk factors for AEs; and the severity of AEs was inconsistently reported,” they still make the conclusions that:

  • “evidence was high for measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine and febrile seizures”
  • “the varicella vaccine was associated with complications in immune-deficient individuals”
  • “there is moderate evidence that rotavirus vaccines are associated with intussusceptions”
  • “there is strong evidence that MMR vaccine is not associated with autism”


This was published in the journal “Pediatrics” in August 2014. Since this time, we continue to have a major push by doctors, legislators, the CDC, and the news outlets making the clearly false claim that “vaccines are safe and effective”. No vaccine is completely safe and some seem to be rather dangerous. This study, while limited in the number of journals it chose to look at,¬†still finds that vaccines are associated with seizures, intestinal obstruction (intussusceptions) and are causing serious complications in those with immune issues.

The time is here to abandon the one-size-fits-all vaccine program of the CDC and the state mandates for children to have all vaccines for school and daycare. These policies are not only misguided, they are dangerous. We should be welcoming a science based approach that looks at individual genetic risk factors for harm from adjuvants in vaccines, harm from live virus vaccines, and harm in general from vaccines, and allow each child to have their physician and/or their parent decide which vaccines make sense given their unique family history and risk factors.

You can read the study here…


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