Pepsi Now Aspartame-Free At Last

diet pepsiI really don’t like soda. Regular soda is so full of sugar that  you are killing yourself by overloading your pancreas, forcing it to make extra insulin in response to that huge sugar load. In time, you will be insulin resistant and pre-diabetic, overweight or obese, and on track for an early heart attack or stroke, not to mention cancer from the inflammatory nature of a high-sugar, high-processed food diet.

So drink diet soda, you might say! Not so fast. Until this week ,the major diet soda’s in the world were sweetened with aspartame. Aspartame is 10% methanol by weight which our bodies convert to formaldehyde (yes that’s right, the major plasticizer, embalming fluid, cancer and auto-immune trigger #1). Why the FDA would ever approve this lethal substance is a story for the movies. Read While Science Sleeps ( to get the full story.

Pepsi is the first major soda company to remove aspartame from their diet soda. While I would rather you drink filtered water, if you must have a diet soda, try the new diet Pepsi without aspartame. If we all abandon those who still use aspartame (goodbye diet Coke) perhaps we can save millions from the slow death caused by drinking aspartame.

Read more about the removal of aspartame from diet Pepsi here…


Dr. Paul


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