Why Some Get Autism or Developmental Issues and Others Don’t?


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5/5/2013 , 10:51:52 AM

 Why so some of us get lung cancer, while other heavy smokers don’t? Why do some seem to get obese or gain weight easily while some can eat all they want, junk food at that, and not put on a pound? Why are more and more children autistic, suffering from anxiety, ADD, and ADHD while some children seem just fine? Why did they send canaries down the coal mine shafts to see if it was safe for humans to go down any mine that day?

It’s all about toxins and genetic vulnerability. Miners used to carry caged canaries while at work, or send one down for a while before the men went down to see if there was any methane or carbon monoxide in the mine. If the canary died, levels were too high for humans to mine safely.

Our autistic children have been our human ‘canaries in the coal mine’ so to speak. No offense to those of us who are canaries or have children affected by this analogy. Most of us are canaries for something. The point is, the world has become too toxic for some of us, and due to our biochemistry, some of us cannot get the toxins out fast enough and they remain too long in the body doing damage. It is our genetic vulnerability PLUS the toxic load that makes us sick.

If you were destined to be an alcoholic due to huge genetic vulnerability (both parents alcoholics and/or drug addicts- giving you an 80% chance you would be too) but you chose to never drink or use drugs … guess what? You would never manifest that disease that you were vulnerable to.

There are certain genetic variations (I sometimes call them glitches) that make us more vulnerable to toxins. One is the MTHFR and as this well written article points out:

“Genetic variation associated with hypersensitivity to mercury” (which you can read here… ) the other is PON1. They found “significant differences between groups in genotype frequencies for rs662 in the gene encoding paraoxanase 1 (PON1) and rs1801131 in the gene encoding methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR)” making those individuals much more vulnerable to mercury poisoning, and likely heavy metal poisoning in general.

As described eloquently in this blog from Safeminds (see their website here… ) “What New Research on a Mysterious Illness Can Teach Us About Autism” states “we now understand that some people have an underlying genetic susceptibility that means they can be harmed by even tiny amounts of a toxin.”

I suspect as we have added more and more toxins to the world and the amounts our children are being exposed to in the food, water and vaccines has just reached levels where many children are, like the canaries, not doing well.  “This idea of subgroup susceptibility likely extends to many chemical exposures, not just mercury. Aluminum (added as an adjuvant to vaccines), glysophate (a common pesticide that is used in Round Up), acetaminophen (found in Tylenol and over 600 other consumer products), and BPA (found in plastics) are all chemicals that may be tremendously damaging, especially to children with genetic polymorphism’s.” I would add that we are all vulnerable to the toxic effects of methanol (highest in cigarette smoke, diet foods and diet drinks, aspartame, and fruits juices that are not fresh squeezed). Our body turns methanol into formaldehyde, which is both directly toxic and can trigger an autoimmune attack on our own tissues. This comes from While Science Sleeps website, which I encourage you to visit and explore here…


What can you do?

Eat organic as much as possible.

Drink filtered water.

Say NO to the Tdap in pregnancy and to the Hepatitis B for infants (if mom is hepatitis B negative).

Get your genetics tested so you can be even more careful with vaccines if you are a genetic canary. (eg MTHFR or PON1) to name a couple.

Join the fight for preserving informed consent with vaccines. Our medical freedom is at stake, along with the minds and health of our children.

Learn more about Oregonians for Medical Freedom here…



Dr. Paul


  • Sheri

    Having a canary in the family, we have all had our genetics tested. Now what? Who is intelligent enough to look at them to decide if any of us can be safely vaccinated from this point forward? Thank you for explaining this so clearly.

    • Anonymous

      if you have the MTHFR defect – take methyl-folate and methyl – B12
      consider seeing an integrative medicine doctor or naturopath who understands these labs

  • Hi Dr. Paul,

    Which genetic tests should I ask for, how do I decipher the results and do I need to see a specialist or can my family physician preform the tests?

    Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      you can start with 23andme.com and then maybe run the data through geneticgenie.com or get consultation with naturopath or integrative or functional medicine doctor who understands these things

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