US Department of Health NVAC Turns Up the Pressure to do All Vaccines- Is This Ethical?

moneyshotThe National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) has recommended a strategy for improving parents’ confidence in vaccines that was recently published July 1st, 2015 in the journal of contemporary pediatrics. Here is what they are proposing:

  • Pay-for-performance initiatives and incentives in physicians’ practices (the more vaccines I give the more money I make, on top of the money I already make per shot given …admin fees).
  • Possibly develop a code so doctors can get paid for vaccine counseling if the vaccine is not given.
  • On time vaccination will be a quality measure (practices with informed patients who delay vaccines will be considered inferior, and run the risk of being dropped by insurance carriers.
  • States and territories with personal belief exemption policies should be sure the exemption is available only after a parent is educated and acknowledges the risks of not vaccinating.
  • Providers and others reinforce the idea that vaccination according to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices schedule is the social norm and not the exception. (NOT IN MY PRACTICE)
  • Infrastructure should be created to assess vaccine sentiment and provide timely information on vaccine confidence to stakeholders (government and industry watching you …hmmmm).
  • Educational institutions and childcare facilities should report vaccination rates publically, such as through a school health grade or report. (So this is where Oregon Senators got this idea that lead to Oregon senate bill 895 … and we just thought we had brilliant senators).


Our children are in the cross-hairs of big business and big government. I wouldn’t have a problem with government programs when they offer ethical programs that assist those who otherwise would suffer without that support. With our vaccine program, we have industry that is immune from liability, doing everything they can to mandate more and more of their product be injected, without the consent of the parent or child and then financially incentivize the process so doctors want to do more vaccines. Add to that this quality measure that has permeated pediatrics quality the past decade, such that giving informed consent and discussing the pros and cons makes you a bad doctor as it increases the chance your patient will decline the vaccine.

Parents are leaving the hospital with their baby having got the Hepatitis B vaccine (that they didn’t need) and no physician ever discussed pros and cons. No informed consent.  It’s routine.  You signed for it when you gave the hospital permission to do routine care on admission.

America, we have lost our way. We must fight to preserve freedom.  Medical Freedom.  Freedom to have a doctor who will be ethical and give you the whole story on the procedure (the vaccine) your baby or child might be about to get. How can this doctor be ethical and honest when his career is at risk if he doesn’t get you to do all the vaccines all the time according to the ACIP schedule?

Informed consent, the core of “first do no harm”, the vital ethical principle every doctor knows they should  follow, is slipping away in the face of a full assault by government and industry somehow in bed together on this one.

Don’t be fooled by the ‘vaccines are safe and effective’ line. Yes, many are. BUT, some do not need to be given when they are currently being recommended and an informed parent would not agree to give that vaccine. EXAMPLE: Hepatitis B for newborns of moms who don’t have Hepatitis B.

America, fight back, or get in line for the next and the next and then next vaccine, coming soon to adults around the country. It won’t be long before your social security check and your ability to work at your government job or other job will be at risk unless you get all the vaccines they say you must get.


Take a look at the article and see what they are proposing here…


Dr. Paul


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