Testosterone Therapy Not Associated with Increased Blood Clots (study)

heart4It is an interesting time in the world of hormone therapy these days. Here in Oregon, a teenager or woman can legally buy synthetic hormone birth control pills (BCP’s), with known complications of thromboembolism (blood clots) that can be fatal, while hypogonadism, low testosterone men with multiple symptoms of low testosterone can’t even find a doctor willing to prescribe the bio-identical (much safer) testosterone to replace his deficiency! To make this insanity worse, Oregon now allows purchase of BCP’s from a pharmacist without a prescription (law passed though not implemented yet).

I’ve seen law firm commercials seeking to represent men who have had a stroke or blood clot so they can sue the doctors and pharmaceutical companies when in fact the bulk of the literature is clear that hormone replacement therapy for men who are low testosterone improves all major health outcomes: lowering heart disease, stroke, diabetes risk and reducing weight, builds muscle, and improves depression, anxiety, and libido to name a few benefits.

The June 2015 article, “Risk of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) in Men Receiving Testosterone Therapy,” did a case control study of over 30,000 men over the age of 40 who had VTE and received anticoagulant drugs in the 60 days after their diagnosis of VTE. They looked at those with testosterone replacement therapy in the 15 days before the VTE event and compared them to matched controls. They found no increased risk of VTE for those on testosterone replacement therapy and in fact, for those using topical forms of testosterone, there were modest reductions in risk with adjusted odds ratio with 95% confidence of 0.80 for topical testosterone, 0.91 for transdermal, and 1.15 for intramuscular.

I continue to favor the use of topical, or transderma,l over intramuscular as you can provide a more normal daily dose, rather than the huge spikes of testosterone needed when giving weekly or bi-weekly injections.

Why this physician resistance to assist men who are both physiologically and lab confirmed low testosterone, and who have symptoms of low testosterone is beyond comprehension. I suspect it is due to the past and some ongoing abuse of testosterone by body builders and not wanting to be associated with that. Physicians need to know that their low testosterone patients will not be able to abuse the testosterone when prescribed in normal doses. Body builders abusing steroids are using insanely large doses often 5 to 10 times the usual dose.

Men and for that mater teenagers who are done with puberty, should get their testosterone levels checked, especially if suffering from anxiety, depression, fatigue, weakness, low energy, weight gain, poor muscle development, or low libido (sex drive). Our world is so full of endocrine disrupting chemicals (plastics, pesticides, herbicides, flame retardants, marijuana, opiates, other drugs of abuse) that your health and well being may depend on restoring your testosterone, stopping the things that are suppressing your pituitary, and eating whole foods rather than processed foods.


You can read the study here…



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