Autism Related Costs for the USA Projected to Approach 1 Trillion in the Next 10 Years

vaccine moneyShould you be worried about the rise in autism rates? YES! Does this evidence that something is wrong bother you? IT SHOULD! What are the costs to society associated with the increased rates of autism? THIS STUDY ANSWERS THIS QUESTION. If there is an increased rate of this magnitude, should we devote any money into figuring out why we are seeing this? ABSOLUTELY! Why can’t we seem to figure out why we are seeing so much chronic illness in today’s children (and adults)? MONEY & POLITICS.

In the study, “Brief Report: Forecasting the Economic Burden of Autism in 2015 and 2025 in the United States,” published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, July 2015, authors “forecast annual direct medical, direct non-medical, and productivity costs combined will be $268 billion for 2015 and $461 billion for 2025.” They point out that this is similar to the expenses estimated for ADHD, and was a conservative estimate. You can read the study here…

The health of our nation is in deep trouble. The causes are right in front of us, but the establishment we have placed as caretakers of our health (CDC, Pharma, Government) are clearly unable to muster the will to break it down and devote the research dollars and design the studies that will provide the answers. This is not rocket science folks. When your population is suffering like this, you simply need to look at what you are doing to that population.

No, this is not an infectious disease epidemic. Yet so much of our research and CDC money goes to infectious disease studies, management, and research and development of vaccines and medication to treat infections rather than finding the real reason we are in trouble.

No, it’s not a genetic epidemic, our genetics are not going to change in a generation. At least not the genetics you think of when you hear the word genetics. What is changing is the epigenetic response to the environment. Hence what is destroying the health of our children, causing autism and ADHD and so much more, is the environment. I’m not an environmental activist. I do care about what we are doing to the environment. What I am is a very frustrated pediatrician, who started his career at the tail end of the infectious disease era, and the beginning of the chronic disease era. I see an outdated model of medicine being applied to a health situation as if the health condition were an infection.

When we had an infection, all we needed to do was identify it, and treat. We have done a masterful job of that and some of our vaccines helped along the way also. When you have a chronic disease like autism or ADHD (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity etc.) and you try that same model of a vaccine or a pill to treat what has developed over years or decades due to poor nutrition and toxic exposures, you end up trying to treat a complex whole body metabolic disaster with a Band-Aid.

Our nation needs to get back to eating real food, whole food (not packaged) organically produced not GMO or pesticide sprayed, and drink filtered clean water, not from a plastic bottle. We then must stop injecting toxins, especially in the womb. The latest experiment on our pregnant moms of injecting a huge dose of aluminum with the Tdap, while pregnant, every pregnancy is nationwide poisoning with the end goal to hopefully reduce the 10-20 infant deaths that occur from pertussis out of the almost 4 million births each year in America. Our CDC has lost it’s way, if they can allow such human experimentation with no prior studies done on pregnant animals even that injected that much aluminum and followed the off-spring until they were teenagers. The rest of the infant vaccine schedule goes on to load up a whole lot more aluminum.

We have mounting evidence (studies) showing aluminum in vaccines is triggering auto-immune disorders. A new name ASIA (auto-immune disorders associated with adjuvants). You can learn more about ASIA here…   All we need is the will to look at what we are doing. Obviously we are doing something very wrong! Norway had an autism rate of 1 in 1000 while ours was 1 in 100 just a few years ago.

We must look at the obvious. I vaccinate every day, all day long, in my office, but selectively in a way that will hopefully provide protection without damaging my patients. We need to look long-term at the outcomes of non-vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and fully vaccinated children. We need to look long-term at the outcomes for those who get a new vaccine. We need to look long-term at the outcomes every time the CDC adds a vaccine to the schedule, as it then becomes a whole new experiment. So far the experiment is not going well.

We MUST immediately stop the poisoning of every unborn child in the USA with the Tdap. This simply cannot be allowed to continue or our health costs will be in the trillions and our country will be brought to its knees in another decade or two. We likewise must stop the insanity of injecting aluminum into newborns and infants with the Hepatitis B vaccine unless birth mom has Hepatitis B.

Do not fall for the lie that “vaccines are safe and effective”. Some are and some aren’t.  It would be like saying you should take all antibiotics. It’s all about timing and looking at long term side effects.


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