French Physicians Less Likely to Blindly Recommend All Vaccines For All Patients “According to Recommended Schedules”

einstein2If physicians disagree on the value of a medical procedure or treatment for an individual patient, why is that? Is it because one physician is right and the other wrong? Might it be that the medical procedure is of some value to some but carries some risk and a risk benefit analysis for that patient is needed? Might it be that informed consent is required, where the patient is given the important information about risks and benefits and the patient is allowed to make the final decision?

In the the article, “Vaccine Hesitancy Among General Practitioners and Its Determinants During Controversies: A National Cross-sectional Survey in France,” which you can read here…  they studied French General Practitioners (GP’s) attitudes and behaviors relating to 6 vaccines. They found “16% to 43% of GPs sometimes or never recommended at least one specific vaccine to their target patients.” The French GP’s “recommended vaccines infrequently when they considered that adverse effects were likely, or doubted the vaccine’s utility.”

How refreshing, that European physicians actually considered benefits and risks and felt free to have the informed consent discussions with their patients. In the USA, doctors are increasingly pressured to do all vaccines according to CDC guidelines, without informed consent.

The new California law SB277 mandates all vaccines for all children unless they get a medical exemption. Gone are the parents rights to have informed consent. Do it or lose your option for no child left behind day care, lose your option for a public education, or any formal education for that mater.

The marriage of pharmaceutical companies to our government CDC, and institutions of higher education has so polluted the research agenda and freedoms in this country that physicians are finding themselves in the awkward position of having to practice by protocol, without consideration for the individual patient they are caring for. It will take a brave physician indeed, willing to potentially risk their job (if they work for a hospital or large employer) to stand up to these bully tactics that would have you forsake your oath to first do no harm and just give all vaccines to all patients without their informed consent.

Don’t be fooled that you are getting informed consent when the doctor hands you a CDC prepared one page document, or a multi-page document that you could never understand if you wanted to. Informed consent is about discussing risks, benefits and alternatives to a given medical procedure. I firmly believe doctors who skirt around this obligation should be held liable for the damage their recommendations cause. Of course in the USA, when we are talking about vaccines, the vaccine manufacturers, the doctors who recommend them, the institutions that support the whole process – ALL ARE IMMUNE FROM LIABILITY. Thanks to the homeland security act, vaccines were slipped in as vital for national security. How giving your newborn a Hepatitis B vaccine that they don’t need is vital for national security is beyond me?



Dr. Paul




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