Congress About to Give Monsanto a Free Pass and Prevent States from Passing Food Labeling Laws- Oppose HR 1599

justabillHR 1599, called “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling act” is far from that. It actually is intended to keep us in the dark about what is in our food.

HR 1599  undermines state and local control by preventing states and local government from regulating GE crops to protect farmers and the environment, and also barring them from adopting their own GE labeling laws.

This bill will hurt family farmers by nullifying all existing laws that protect farmers and consumers. Local communities should be able to regulate farming practices so they are fit for the region, not one-size-for all federal regulations.

This bill undermines local rights of consumers to know what is in their food. It prevents the FDA or State/local governments from requiring companies to label GE ingredients and instead continues a failed “voluntary” labeling policy that has been in place since 2001. Surveys show 90% of consumers want foods containing GM to be labeled. Worse yet it allows GMOs to be labeled as “natural!”



Tell Congress to OPPOSE HR 1599 and instead SUPPORT mandatory GE food labeling!




Dr. Paul


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  • Tom

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing this message to encourage you to OPPOSE HR 1599 and instead SUPPORT mandatory GE food labeling.

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