Mercury Exposure in the Womb Results in Cognitive Deficits Seen at Age 20

mercury-element-toxic  In the study, “Cognitive deficits at age 22 years associated with prenatal exposure to methyl mercury,” (which you can read here… ) prenatal exposure to mercury was found to be associated with brain damage (cognitive deficits). These deficits were more severe when these children were younger, however were still detectable at age 22 years!

This study was assessing mercury exposure from the diet. When mercury is injected, it reaches extremely high blood levels in comparison since only a fraction of ingested mercury is absorbed. The multi-dose flu shot has 25 micrograms of mercury per shot. This is a very large dose that makes this one of my least favorite vaccines on the market today. This study adds to the literature of mercury toxicity, finding a general intelligence deficit that corresponds to about 2.2 IQ points at a 10-fold increased prenatal methylmercury exposure. “The deficits affected major domains of brain functions as well as general intelligence” and were attributed to elevated cord blood mercury and maternal hair mercury content that was correlated with how much mercury they consumed in fish intake.

Clearly pregnant women should avoid fish high in mercury and avoid getting flu shots, especially if they are the mercury containing multi-dose flu shots.


Dr. Paul





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