How Can You Help the Cause For Medical Freedom, and the Freedom to Vaccinate as You Feel Best for Your Child?

hands2In Oregon, we were able to defeat Senate Bill 442, showing our legislative leaders, and all of Oregon, that Oregonians value medical freedom as a non-negotiable, fundamental right. Sadly with the passage of Oregon Senate Bill 895 just days ago, and Senate Bill 277 passing in California, the fight to protect medical freedom, and to receive informed content from your doctor is not over. Please consider contributing to the cause by following this link.  The link will take you to the document describing how you can donate to the organization Oregonians For Medical Freedom, of which I am a co-chair. All funds go directly to efforts to promote medical freedom.

You can use a tax credit and this donation won’t end up costing you anything (you get it back on your taxes $50 filing single and $100 filling joint)


Please consider joining this important cause with a donation, and stay tuned for updates on how we can further promote medical freedom and informed consent.

I encourage you to take the time to read the Oregonians For Medical Freedom newsletter by clicking here…



Dr. Paul




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