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Why our children’s right to attend school is being threatened by the democrats in Oregon is beyond me. It defies common sense.  In a vote along party lines, the democrats (I’m usually more likely to favor their approaches that tend to support the needy and the less well off) have thrown our children under the bus and are trying to pass Senate bill 895 that will make it seem like intelligent choices about vaccines need to be exposed. This bill will require schools to report the percentages of their children who are fully vaccinated.  As if a child without the Hepatitis B vaccine puts anyone in danger?

Please contact your Oregon House of Representative and email and call that you are opposed to this bill. We do not need to follow the footsteps of California that has just become the third State in the USA to remove vaccine exemptions for religious or philosophical reasons. It should be illegal to inject a vaccine into a child without informed consent.  Immunizations are a medical procedure. Parents should be given the full list of pros and cons before making a decision about whether or not to do a given vaccine for their child.

See The Oregonians for Medical Freedom No on SB 895 flyer- Oppose Oregon Senate Bill 895

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