California is a Governors Signature Away From Doing Away With Both Religious and Philosophical Exemptions for Vaccines- Good-Bye Medical Freedom

wethepeopleCalifornia legislators have voted to eliminate all but medical exemptions for vaccines.


Philosophical Freedom- Gone!


This is a sad day for medical freedom.  We slip that much closer to having state run mandates where the government can do whatever it wants to your body without your consent.  It is truly hard to imagine this could happen in America, but it has. I will be establishing a website where physicians who favor medical freedom and informed consent can sign up and parents of children who need a medical exemption can find these physicians. Never before has the need been greater for those with common sense and integrity to stand up for medical freedom against the bullies that would mandate your child get vaccines they don’t need. I would have no problem with state mandated vaccine campaigns if we were losing thousands or millions of our children to a disease we could vaccinate for. Sadly, the mandate is for vaccines like Hepatitis B to newborns who are not sexually active and not shooting up with dirty needles with heroin in a back alley. These newborns are at grave risk of brain damage from the huge dose of aluminum in that vaccine and at now at risk for Hepatitis B if their mom does not have Hepatitis B. Less than 1% of moms who deliver in the USA have Hepatitis B and we know who they are as the OB-Gyn’s are doing a masterful job of screening.

SB 277 in California now awaits governor Brown’s signature to become law. We can only hope that he will have wisdom beyond that of the common senators who seem blinded by the CDC mantra “vaccines are safe” and the pharmaceutical sponsored senators who push these ill-conceived bills dressed as public health necessity when in fact they are simply there to line the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies with big profits on the back and destroyed brains of our innocent children and babies.

Please write Governor Brown in California. Contact your relatives in California and urge them to contact Governor Brown and ask him not to sign this bill.


For a well written blog by my co-author Dr Jennifer Margulis, please follow this link:

SB 277 Bars California’s Lawmakers From Sending Their Own Children to Daycare, School


Dr. Paul





  • Sadie

    Please, Dr. Thomas, do help us to find doctors who can give us medical exemptions! I live in California and I am horrified that this may actually become law. Soon it will be seen in other states. My oldest is scheduled to start kindergarten in 2016, when the law would take effect, and my youngest is just 6 months old. Thank you for work!

  • Elaine

    I am appalled that this is happening in America. I am in my 60s and when I look back to my children’s vaccines there were about 1/4 of what is required today. When is this going to stop? If there was going to be terrible outbreaks, they would have happened from people in my age group because most of us haven’t had a vaccination in over 50 years!

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