Moderate Exercise While Pregnant Reduces Complications

ExerciseWhilePrego     What are you to do during pregnancy that can benefit your baby? This article, “Effectiveness of physical activity interventions on preventing gestational diabetes mellitus and excessive maternal weight gain: a meta-analysis.” (which you can read here… ) The study concluded, “Structured moderate physical exercise programs during pregnancy decrease the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus and diminish maternal weight gain, and seem to be safe for the mother and the neonate.”

I recall in medical school, one classmate was a women’s Olympic white water rafting team member. She also was in class one day, delivered her baby over the weekend, and was back in class the next week. She was fit and had trained throughout the pregnancy. It is generally not recommended that you take on vigorous activities that are new and stressful, but should be fine to continue exercise at intensities you are used to.

Other obvious strategies for a healthy baby:

  1. Eat organic and avoid GMO-foods, pesticides and herbicides.
  2. Drink filtered water.
  3. Reduce stress (partners, treat your woman like a queen).
  4. Avoid vaccines while pregnant, despite what ACOG and your OB-Gyn says. They have not been studied for long term side effects.
  5. Get rest and sleep.
  6. Don’t drink alcohol or use recreational drugs or use tobacco. Get help quitting if you need to.
  7. If you are taking medications, review them with your doctor for safety in pregnancy. There may be safer alternatives.



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