Happy Fathers Day

dadHappy Fathers Day! For all the fathers both literally and to those who are surrogate fathers for others, I extend my gratitude to you and encourage you to continue the role of leadership, caring, nurturing, and uplifting the children in our sphere of influence. None of us are perfect, but we should give children our best.

Here is what my son Luke wrote for me by text this Fathers Day:

“Happy Father’s Day pops! I love you with all my heart! And you are the best dad in the world. I’m beyond lucky! You are my role model, my hero and my best friend! And I love you to death. Love you so much. Happy Father’s Day.”

I’ve misplaced the reference, but I stumbled on the following and wanted to share it (thanks to the author and I give you the credit):

10 Affirmations for Your Kids:

1. I am so proud of you!

2. You are smart/brave/creative.

3. You are beautiful/handsome.

4. I will always be here for you, no matter what.

5. I believe in you.

6. I’m glad you are my son/daughter.

7. No matter what happens, you can always come to me.

8. Good job!

9. You are very good at _________.

10. I love you!


Dr. Paul


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