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HealthyChoiceLogo1The Health Choice Movement

It has never been more clear that we, the people, must unite to preserve our freedom. This is an international movement. Join us.

With the fight we have had in Oregon with SB442 and now SB895 and CA fighting SB277 and other medical mandates, with similar fights around the country against the systematic attempt to remove our medical choice and medical freedoms, I welcome you to the Health Choice Movement.

In a nutshell, the idea is to take the “vaccine-choice” movement and the “food-choice/anti-GMO” movement and blend the two. Combining these two movements is simply the next step in winning the fight to know what is going into our bodies and preserving that choice.

I am reaching out because this collective, worldwide movement needs your help.



Right now the discrimination against anyone opposing medical mandates or GMO food/products on whatever level of opposition is dictated by vaccine manufacturer/GMO corporate propaganda and perpetuated by mainstream media. The vilification of “anti-vaxxers,” and “hippies” is going from bad to worse. The only way to really stop this is with an international movement that makes the opposition appealing to belong to. In a world of branding and insecurity, social media, strong graphics, and slogans are the best way to win this “war.” With concise imagery, verbiage, hash tags, and slogans, we can attract a huge population of people to help promote the choice of what goes into our bodies. And, with the right campaign, we can attract teens and 20 year olds who dominate social media, and therefore get this movement out on an international level.


Welcome to the Health Choice Movement:

Attached is a more concise definition of the movement, the goals, and the directives. All in all, the main goal here is to unify all groups under one movement, called the Health Choice Movement, that is not owned nor operated by anyone. The definition of Health Choice Movement is summed up as:


“The Health Choice Movement is the global movement about having the right to know what is going into our bodies and having the freedom to make that choice.”

The longer definition is as follows:

“The Health Choice Movement is a growing unofficial, non-violent, non-partisan, education-based global movement about preserving civil, religious, parental, educational, and informed consent rights; wanting to know what is going into our bodies; and having the freedom to make that choice. The Health Choice Movement and its accompanying symbol represent the non-violent opposition of government medical mandates and control of food mandates, and removal of health choice. It aims to shift the prevailing conversations away from “whether or not to vaccinate” and “being able to eat organic and GMO free,” to “preserving the right to choose.”

Along with the new definition and terminology is a Health Choice Movement symbol and branding. Just think of how the rainbow is used by Gay Rights activists, the elephant is used by the GOP, the caduceus is used by physicians, etc. No one owns those ideas or symbols. Those symbols are the visual representation of a collective thought. Again, the idea is that the Health Choice Movement and new symbol will be a collective movement and imagery used by the world.


We Need Your Help:

The reason I am contacting you is that we are aiming to have tens to hundreds of groups, websites, and social media accounts simultaneously “launch” this movement so that no one person nor group will be associated with owning it. The goal is to launch this material starting early June in conjunction with the increased media exposure from CA SB277’s attention in the Assembly and following the coattails of the March on Monsanto in late May. We’re asking the following:


  • Add the “Health Choice Movement” logo to visual images, memes, and signs. No need to replace your organization’s logo; simply add it along the side or at the bottom.
  • Incorporate the terms “Health Choice Movement” and “Health Choice Advocates” into your letters, interviews, and all communication associated with medical mandates.
  • Use hashtags: #whoownsyourbody #healthchoice #medicalfreedom #foodtransparency #imnotafraid #healthfreedom #ourchoice #corporateliability #noGMO
  • Promote others opposing medical mandates, corporate food control, and the organic food movement to also adopt the Health Choice Movement logo and verbiage, and provide links and resources where they can download the logos and add them to their materials. Please feel free to add all of this text to your website.
  • Ask your followers to replace their social media avatars with the Health Choice Movement symbol.
  • Always choose the higher ground in messaging. Choose the positive versus the negative; promote non-violence and communication versus force and hate. Focus more on liberties and rights being infringed upon and that it is everyone’s right to preserve their choice in what goes into their and their children’s bodies.
  • For vaccine-related posts: Promote education that directly addresses the fear regarding selectively and unvaccinated people spreading disease. Discuss how a large population is not afraid to question recommended vaccine schedules and safety. Use the language “I’m educated, I’m not Afraid, and I Decide” and “Vaccines don’t save lives; healthy immune systems do.” Talk about why you are not afraid. Encourage dialogue about natural immune system responses, advances in medical care to treat disease, statistics showing declines in communicable diseases, alternative health care treatments for disease, case studies of persons “surviving” diseases, and how GMO ingredients are being used in vaccines.
  • For food freedom and transparency related posts: Promote education that directly addresses the issues facing food transparency and food/environmental justice. Discuss how large populations worldwide are choosing organic, healthy lifestyles and why. Use the language “food transparency”, “food and environmental justice” and “food freedom”. Talk about why you are making the choice to eat/buy/grow non-GMO foods, what effects eating this way has on your family, what effects buying/eating GMO foods has on a community and the environment (short and long term), (how easy it is to live without GMO foods) how our ancestors even recently ate a diet of unprocessed organic and GMO-free foods, countries that have banned these companies, etc.


Please view the attached description, review the visuals, and consider helping in promoting worldwide medical freedom and health choice. If you wish to, please dedicate a page to your website for the description and intent of the Health Choice Movement and please provide the logos in a zipped file for people to download and use:

(Note: this link will only be active for the first part of June 2015).



Dr. Paul


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