The Cost of Health Care Skyrockets

healthcare costs  If we don’t already have a health care crisis is the USA, we are headed for one. As an employer who provides 100% coverage for his employees, I know how much costs go up each year and we are in for another double digit increase. It will only take 7-10 years to be spending double what we spend now as a nation.

The New York Times (6/2, Abelson, Subscription Publication) reports that insurance companies, “are seeking wildly differing rate increases in premiums for 2016, with some as high as 85 percent,” for companies using as their exchange. The National Journal (6/2, Owens, Subscription Publication) points out that prescription drug costs increased 13% last year. It seems there is no end in sight for how much a drug company can charge for it’s product. Vaccines that have not changed in years, go up in price every year. New drugs, like the new Hepatitis C treatments, and new cancer drugs can cost thousands a month or even thousands of dollars per dose.

The requirements for physicians to document with EMR and meet ICD-10 requirements slows production and increases costs, which can only result in higher costs for us all. I’m not complaining, just wishing we could have a real dialogue on how to reduce waste and spending and how to improve health outcomes. The answer is not more physician time, more drugs, and more vaccines. The answer is in less of those things and a better immune system through healthy eating of organic whole foods and drinking filtered water, avoiding pesticides, herbicides, plastics, flame retardants, and stress.


Dr. Paul


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  • Dan

    Most traditional conservatives that I know don’t believe that there is a correlation between their food choices and their health. They think organic is some kind of hippy propaganda.

    How do you have a better immune system when you have people in the United States like Sid Miller the Agriculture Commissioner for the State of Texas making statements like this: “We’re all about what our country was founded on — we’re about giving our school districts freedom, liberty and individual responsibility,” says Miller, a Tea Party Republican and former state representative”.

    How do we assist people like Miller in understanding that food liberty, in this case putting candy, pop and deep fryers back in Texas schools, doesn’t come without consequences and that we all pay monetarily for the poor choices we allow people to make.

    Here is the complete article:

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this article. Thanks again for all you do.


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