It Is Time To Stand Up Once Again Against Legislators Trying To Take Away Your Rights As A parent When It Comes To Vaccines

SB 895 will replace the bill that was working that allowed parents to get educated by the state web site video on vaccines and then print off their exemption form if they wanted to vaccinate differently than the CDC schedule. It is time to stand up once again against legislators trying to take away your rights as a parent when it comes to vaccines.  Please review the attached information from Oregonians for Medical Freedom. Join the movement. Stay informed. Vaccine decisions belong between parents and their doctors.  Informed consent will soon be a thing of the past as schools get involved in posting the vaccination details in an attempt to pressure people to vaccinate and fall in line.

Dr. Paul

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  • You are tireless, Dr. Paul, in your crusade for what’s right. I admire you very much. Thank you. Please, parents, and those who just care about human rights, join this cause.

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