Sugary Drinks a Huge Contributor to Deaths World-Wide

sugary drinksThe article, “Estimated Global, Regional, and National Disease Burdens Related to Sugar-Sweetened Beverage (SSB) Consumption in 2010,” found an “estimated 184,000 deaths/year attributable to SSB consumption: 133,000 from diabetes, 45,000 from CVD, and 6,450 from cancers.” You can read the study here…

Sugar sweetened beverages were defined as any sugar-sweetened sodas, fruit drinks, sports/energy drinks, sweetened iced teas, or homemade sugary drinks such as frescas, that contained at least 50 kcal per 8oz serving. They excluded 100 percent fruit juice, which likely is almost as dangerous unless it is fresh squeezed in my mind due to the insulin stimulating effect.

In our modern world of convenience food, it takes planning and predetermined decisions if you want to stay healthy. What we eat and what we buy for our children to eat probably has more to do with our ultimate health than any other decision we make. When a 45 year old dies of an unexpected heart attack, or your loved one gets cancer or diabetes, it often seems it comes out of the blue, and we say, “why me?”

I’m not saying that it is your fault if you get cancer or diabetes or heart disease or any disease for that mater. I am saying it is worth it to do everything you can to reduce the risk that you may end up with these diseases of modern civilization.

To use myself as an example, it has been extremely hard to keep weight off as I age. I’ve dropped all alcohol, all soda, all juice except for a sip of fresh squeezed, and I’ve significantly reduced processed foods to almost none. Even with these changes and exercising, I find it hard to keep it off. I am insulin resistant, meaning the slightest intake of carbohydrates (even fruit), in the absence of fat and protein, causes an insulin spike much higher in me than it should. That insulin spike tells my body to store fat. The literature and a look around you, suggests that most Americans, and the problem itself is spreading around the world, are insulin resistant.

Avoiding beverages that are sweetened should be a must. Parents, avoid getting your children used to the sweets and the sweetened drinks and you do them a huge favor. What is not addressed in this article is that a major contributor to these diseases is the impact of inflammation. For many, dairy and grains are inflammatory, hence the move by many to eating whole foods, especially meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. The two thirds of us who are insulin resistant should probably only eat small amounts of fruit and try to eat them when we also eat fat or protein. Nuts and seeds in moderation are also healthy and less likely to stimulate insulin or inflammation.


Dr. Paul



AMA Supports Abolishing Medical Freedom and Informed Consent- Wants Mandates for Vaccines

stop the lies The medical community, and in this case the AMA (American Medical Association), seems to have lost common sense and abandoned the most basic of ethical principles, that of informed consent. To consider performing a medical procedure on a person, and on children in particular, without that person’s consent for that medical procedure is unthinkable, yet that is exactly what most physicians and the AMA want to happen when it comes to vaccines.

I would have less trouble with this line of thinking if we were talking about a true public health crisis, where people were dying left and right from a disease that the vaccine could prevent, and the only way to prevent it was to vaccinate everyone. The excuse the AMA gives for removing our medical freedom is the measles outbreak at Disneyland. This was no mass infection or death event. Not one person in the USA died from this little episode that involved only a few hundred people, many who were fully vaccinated. In Oregon where I live, there was one 40 year old man who acquired the measles in Disneyland and he infected no one. That’s right, not one person in Oregon got measles from this man.

The vaccination rate in Oregon and across the country is at about 95% for measles and most of the serious vaccine preventable diseases. There is no need for a mandate that removes the rights of parents and individuals to self determination and their ability to consider the risks and the benefits of the procedure.

“New AMA policy recommends that states have in place an established decision mechanism that involves qualified public health physicians to determine which vaccines will be mandatory for admission to schools and other public venues. States should only grant exemptions to these mandated vaccines for medical reasons.” So only “qualified public health physicians” can determine which vaccines to mandate. This is very problematic, because public health physicians study populations, and have no knowledge of your individual risks should you get a particular vaccine. Sadly, your personal physician may know less than you do about your particular risks to vaccine damage, as many physicians when asked about things like the harms of mercury or aluminum in vaccines will simply say, “vaccines are safe and proven effective,” or that there is ample evidence that the vaccines we use today are safe.

In order to protect medical freedom, any recommendation to mandate a medical procedure (in this case a vaccine) must come with a mandate that the person’s physician must grant the exemption after presenting the pros and cons of the immunization, if that is what the patient requests. If physicians are allowed to deny a medical exemption after discussion of the procedure, the pros and the cons of the procedure, then that should be medical negligence, coercion and certainly a violation of ethics that should be reported and investigated.

In the vaccine debate I hear nothing of this informed consent side of the story. It is as if ‘We the People’ have already been denied the right to choice when it comes to medical procedures being done to our bodies and to those of our children. This must be stopped right here, or we are fast becoming the police state that is so counter to the American Way of Freedom and Justice, Personal Choice and Personal Freedom.

AMA- you have sadly thrown out the baby with the bath water this time.

You can read the recent article by the AMA here…


Dr. Paul


California is a Governors Signature Away From Doing Away With Both Religious and Philosophical Exemptions for Vaccines- Good-Bye Medical Freedom

wethepeopleCalifornia legislators have voted to eliminate all but medical exemptions for vaccines.


Philosophical Freedom- Gone!


This is a sad day for medical freedom.  We slip that much closer to having state run mandates where the government can do whatever it wants to your body without your consent.  It is truly hard to imagine this could happen in America, but it has. I will be establishing a website where physicians who favor medical freedom and informed consent can sign up and parents of children who need a medical exemption can find these physicians. Never before has the need been greater for those with common sense and integrity to stand up for medical freedom against the bullies that would mandate your child get vaccines they don’t need. I would have no problem with state mandated vaccine campaigns if we were losing thousands or millions of our children to a disease we could vaccinate for. Sadly, the mandate is for vaccines like Hepatitis B to newborns who are not sexually active and not shooting up with dirty needles with heroin in a back alley. These newborns are at grave risk of brain damage from the huge dose of aluminum in that vaccine and at now at risk for Hepatitis B if their mom does not have Hepatitis B. Less than 1% of moms who deliver in the USA have Hepatitis B and we know who they are as the OB-Gyn’s are doing a masterful job of screening.

SB 277 in California now awaits governor Brown’s signature to become law. We can only hope that he will have wisdom beyond that of the common senators who seem blinded by the CDC mantra “vaccines are safe” and the pharmaceutical sponsored senators who push these ill-conceived bills dressed as public health necessity when in fact they are simply there to line the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies with big profits on the back and destroyed brains of our innocent children and babies.

Please write Governor Brown in California. Contact your relatives in California and urge them to contact Governor Brown and ask him not to sign this bill.


For a well written blog by my co-author Dr Jennifer Margulis, please follow this link:

SB 277 Bars California’s Lawmakers From Sending Their Own Children to Daycare, School


Dr. Paul




Moderate Exercise While Pregnant Reduces Complications

ExerciseWhilePrego     What are you to do during pregnancy that can benefit your baby? This article, “Effectiveness of physical activity interventions on preventing gestational diabetes mellitus and excessive maternal weight gain: a meta-analysis.” (which you can read here… ) The study concluded, “Structured moderate physical exercise programs during pregnancy decrease the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus and diminish maternal weight gain, and seem to be safe for the mother and the neonate.”

I recall in medical school, one classmate was a women’s Olympic white water rafting team member. She also was in class one day, delivered her baby over the weekend, and was back in class the next week. She was fit and had trained throughout the pregnancy. It is generally not recommended that you take on vigorous activities that are new and stressful, but should be fine to continue exercise at intensities you are used to.

Other obvious strategies for a healthy baby:

  1. Eat organic and avoid GMO-foods, pesticides and herbicides.
  2. Drink filtered water.
  3. Reduce stress (partners, treat your woman like a queen).
  4. Avoid vaccines while pregnant, despite what ACOG and your OB-Gyn says. They have not been studied for long term side effects.
  5. Get rest and sleep.
  6. Don’t drink alcohol or use recreational drugs or use tobacco. Get help quitting if you need to.
  7. If you are taking medications, review them with your doctor for safety in pregnancy. There may be safer alternatives.



Dr. Paul



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