Survey on Parents Feelings About Undervaccinated Children in Daycare (study)

vaccine moneyComing straight to you from the vaccine manufacture, intended to scare you into turning off your brain and submitting your child to vaccines that are not appropriate… or you may suffer the scorn of other parents in your child’s day care!

All too often I hear from parents that they have been excluded from a parent group, or some other social function because they are educated and informed and choose to vaccinate differently than the one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule being pushed on American children.  What the uninformed parents who ignorantly judge others don’t often realize, is that they are victims of a big business slick marketing and research efforts to keep them in the dark.  I present here a “study” funded by vaccine manufacturer GfK, clearly intended to provide support for the ongoing ignorant practice of judging parents who don’t get all the vaccines for their children.

In the study “C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll Parents support daycare policies to get kids up to date on their vaccines” they summarize:

  • 3/4 of parents think daycare should check vaccine status yearly
  • 2/3 of parents think they should be informed of the number of children not up to date on their vaccines
  • 41% support the policy to exclude children who are not up to date until they become up to date on all vaccines (read more here… )


This study was conducted exclusively by the vaccine manufacturer for the children’s hospital.  These findings are prominently displayed on the children’s hospital main web page.  How much do you suppose GfK paid to get that to happen?

Science is being bought in this country. The huge marketing dollars of pharmaceutical companies are being selectively invested to do research that supports growing their product’s market share. If you are not aware of these conflicts of interest then you will happily quote your “evidence based” research to help these companies distort the truth and sell more product.

Health starts with good nutrition and avoiding toxins.  

Under vaccinated children have fewer emergency room visits and fewer outpatient visits (read more here… ) suggesting that it is perhaps the fully vaccinated children who are posing the biggest risk to the under vaccinated children.  I don’t propose that the under vaccinators ask that those fully vaccinated be excluded from daycare or other activities. Let’s take the high road here! In the name of full disclosure, that same study did show greater hospitalizations for the under vaccinated group.


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  • It makes me cringe to see how subversive this “show me your [vaccination] papers” movement is becoming–all being fed and promoted by the very companies who stand to profit from over-vaccinating our children. These are CHILDREN we’re talking about here, not marketing targets, but the pharmaceutical companies make no distinction, no allowances, and take no prisoners in their growing campaign to silence dissenters and rally the pitchfork crowd. Eventually there will be a backlash. Eventually they will go so far that people wake up. I just wonder how many children and families will become victims in the process.

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