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Happy EarthIn America today, I see the largest threat to our health and well being is the cozy relationship between big industry and our government (elected officials, and those at the CDC and FDA who are supposed to protect us from abuses by industry).  What makes it difficult for most to understand is that overall, we have the best in all these areas.  I’m not sure I would want to live anywhere else! America is a great country, and we have a long history of freedom and battling for the freedoms of our citizens.  Our industry is world class and often we lead the way in innovation and technology. Democracy is certainly the best form of government where the people have the say in the directions that our elected officials take. What I see happening though, is that our democratic principles are being destroyed by clever financial manipulations of those same elected officials who are supposed to represent us.

Who will speak for the unborn child who is exposed to more chemical toxins today than ever before?  These toxins are in food and water, and in vaccines being pushed on pregnant moms. These toxins (pesticides and herbicides, aluminum in vaccines, plastics like BPA, flame retardants, PCB’s, etc. are almost all avoidable if our population was educated and aware, but the extent of environmental pollution may be reaching levels from which we will have a very difficult time recovering.

The positive note is this: health freedom matters, informed consent matters, avoiding unnecessary vaccines (being especially careful during pregnancy and the pre-school years) matters, eating organic matters, drinking filtered water matters, avoiding plastics, PCB’s, flame retardants matters.

What has become clearer than ever now, is that helping the rest of our country learn and understand these things is more important than ever.  Due to the conflicts of interest that exist for most doctors, especially those who go into politics or the highest levels of government like the CDC, we cannot look to these “leaders” to represent our interests.  They are too closely tied to the very money stream that profits from continuing the status quo.  More chemicals, more vaccines, less testing (or no long-term testing as happens now) and more intervention.

Integrative pediatrics was founded with the motto “safe passage in a changing world”, as we thought about that statement, what was in my mind was “safe passage in a toxic world” and those toxins included those we were injecting into our children with some of the vaccines.  Those who know me know that I am very pro-vaccines, but also very passionate about doing them sensibly.  The current one size fit all CDC schedule that they are trying to roll out across the land mandates and attempts to get rid of personal, religious, and philosophical exemptions, and is really only appropriate for less than 1% of the population.  That we would give up our freedom as citizens to allow our government to mandate a medical procedure that is likely to harm us and is certain to have no benefit (example of the Hepatitis B vaccine for newborns and infants) defies common sense.

Common sense however is uncommon. Most pediatricians gladly go along with the CDC recommendation to give the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborns of mothers who don’t have Hepatitis B.  They must know that vaccine has 250 micrograms of aluminum, right?  They must know that Hepatitis B is contracted from sex and IV drug use, right?

Have they missed all the studies showing aluminum toxicity, and links to increased autism and developmental delays?  Or are they worried about their quality measures put out by the health plans that give you a grade – soon to be public – on how well you are doing as a doctor?  You see how well you convince your patients to do all the vaccines is considered being a good doctor!  Most OB-GYN doctors are pushing the Tdap with it’s 170-330 micrograms of aluminum during pregnancy.  Do they know there are no studies on the safety of this vaccine or injecting aluminum during pregnancy?  I got a “courtesy call” from an obstetrician to inform me that despite my advice not to give the Tdap while pregnant that she had given it, convinced that mom to inject a toxic dose of aluminum during pregnancy.  This doctor informed me that it was recommended by ACOG.

The doctors in the positions to make the recommendations, those at CDC (Center for Disease Control), AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), and ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology), for example have risen to these powerful positions by getting in line with the message.  I know they will all say that they are pure scientists, that they are the best of the best, but I have heard from the lips of one such doctor who was climbing the success ladder that I was probably on the right track when it came to toxins, vaccine-toxins, and the autism link, but that he could not say that in public due to his status in the community and his aspirations at the time.

Parents, we must unite for freedom and truth.  We must share and get this word out like never before.  We must get GMO foods labeled and we will as they have done in Europe and many other free countries. We must resist every attempt by our elected officials to take away our freedom to choice when it comes to vaccines and to any medical procedure.

In order to leave a world and a system that will be worth living in for our children, we will have to organize and stand strong in the face of this sneaky attack.  You see, all these doctors and legislators can hide behind nice sounding phrases like “public health”, “population health”, “vaccines save lives”, and share story after story of harms that were caused in the past by diseases that vaccines have helped make history, all the while promoting the intentional injection of a neurotoxin during infancy that has absolutely no benefit for that infant.

The experiment of more and more toxins, more and more pesticide and herbicides, more and more vaccines, is not going well.  In the USA, we have the highest rates of autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and brain disorders in the world and it is getting worse each year as we expand the amount of toxins we expose the developing baby and children to. The time is now for those of us who love vaccines, but understand there is a time and place for each one, and that it is not the CDC schedule, to speak out and stand up to the bully that has become our medical societies, the insurance companies with their fake “quality measures”, the CDC with their industry supporting vaccine schedule and now our senators who are clearly compromised in their ability to think clearly on this issue.

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Dr. Paul




  • Amy Kunz

    Question about drinking filtered water: does a Brita filter take care of the pesticides in our drinking water? What do you recommend? Thank you as always for working so hard to keep our families and children safe.

    • Paul Thomas, M.D.

      It all depends on the filter itself. I suggest checking the packaging to see what it is rated at. To truly bypass these toxins, I suggest a reverse osmosis system, or distillation.

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