Delay Cord Cutting After Delivery and Improve Your Baby’s Skills at Age 4! (And Reduce Anemia)

cutcordWith all of the neurodevelopmental delays our children are experiencing these days, how great it is to have a study show the simple choice of waiting to cut the cord a couple minutes after the baby is born can actually improve your babies neurodevelopment.  The study, “Effect of Delayed Cord Clamping on Neurodevelopment at 4 Years of Age A Randomized Clinical Trial,” published in JAMA Pediatrics May 2015 (and you can read it here… ) randomized newborns to have the cutting of the cord delayed by 3 minutes or cut right away in the first 10 seconds. They then looked at intelligence and development at age 4 and found no difference in intelligence scores but significant improvements in fine motor and social skills for those with delayed cord cutting, especially for boys.

Previous research showed similar improvements in intellectual outcome when very low birth weight infants were randomized to delayed cord cutting in the study, “Seven-month developmental outcomes of very low birth weight infants enrolled in a randomized controlled trial of delayed versus immediate cord clamping.” (You can read that study here… )

The Lancet article, “Effect of timing of umbilical cord clamping on iron status in Mexican infants: a randomised controlled trial,” showed less iron deficiency anemia by delaying cord cutting for 2 minutes. (read more here… )  I have been routinely checking for anemia at 9 month well visits, and can say that relative anemia (hemoglobin below 12) is universal and a large percentage of 9 month olds are significantly anemic with hemoglobin below 11. By waiting at least 2-3 minutes with newborn on moms chest but still attached to the umbilical cord, the cord will continue to pulsate for a few minutes, which makes sure the baby gets as much of that nutrient rich blood as possible before the cutting permanently separates mom and baby.

This new study adds supportive evidence to the practice of delayed cord cutting for newborns who are not in distress and whose mothers are likewise doing well. The previous Cochrane review of this topic, “Effect of timing of umbilical cord clamping of term infants on maternal and neonatal outcomes,” (read here… ) found only benefits and no down side to delaying cord cutting.

If you are planning a delivery in the near future, I recommend you discuss this with your delivering provider or OB-Gyn to be sure they are willing to support your decision to wait 2-3 minutes after the baby is born to cut the cord. Re-address the topic when you are in labor so there is an understanding before you get to that time.


Dr. Paul






ClinGen- The Clinical Genome Resource– NEJM

DNAGenetic information is exploding with the availability of genetic tests from your doctor’s office, on your own from and multiple laboratories around the country. The article “ClinGen— The Clinical Genome Resource,” in NEJM May 2015 (you can read it here… ) shares several interesting and important points:

  • We now have over 5000 Mendelian genetic disorders documented
  • We have over 80 million genetic variants discovered in the human genome
  • The interpretation of the importance of the same variant by multiple clinical laboratories may differ


One challenge with genetic information in this exploding field is understanding the significance of the particular disorder or variant.

Of the 118,169 unique variants in this database with clinical interpretations, 12,895 (11%) have clinical interpretations that have been submitted by more than one laboratory. Of those, 2,229 (17%) are interpreted differently by the submitters. In the example given in this article, a patient with a family history of cardiomyopathy (a genetic potentially lethal heart condition) was initially told they did not carry the genetic variants that put them at risk, only later to find they actually did have risk as understanding and knowledge of genetic variants changed and improved.


“The ClinGen Phenotyping Working Group has chosen to use the Human Phenotype Ontology (”


My phenotype is what I look like or how the disease affects me. Doctors often work backwards from this to figure out what is going on with you. By linking phenotypes with genetic information, we will have a much deeper understanding of our health strengths and weaknesses when we know our genetic information.

My review of the links provided in this article, suggest that we are still in early phases of making our genetic information user friendly and accessible to the general public and doctors alike. ClinGen does provide a nice web site with links to many important genetic information organizations at:


I’m still fond of the reports and links to literature that are available when you download your data to Promethease, which “is a literature retrieval system that builds a personal DNA report based on the scientific literature cited in SNPedia and a file of genotype (DNA) data. Customers of DNA testing services (23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA,, Complete Genomics, …) can use it to retrieve published data about their DNA completely independent of whichever company produced the data.”


You can also generate reports by uploading your 23andme data to


Here are some useful links to the above article:

23 And Me

Promethease (SNPedia)


Dr. Paul






Survey on Parents Feelings About Undervaccinated Children in Daycare (study)

vaccine moneyComing straight to you from the vaccine manufacture, intended to scare you into turning off your brain and submitting your child to vaccines that are not appropriate… or you may suffer the scorn of other parents in your child’s day care!

All too often I hear from parents that they have been excluded from a parent group, or some other social function because they are educated and informed and choose to vaccinate differently than the one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule being pushed on American children.  What the uninformed parents who ignorantly judge others don’t often realize, is that they are victims of a big business slick marketing and research efforts to keep them in the dark.  I present here a “study” funded by vaccine manufacturer GfK, clearly intended to provide support for the ongoing ignorant practice of judging parents who don’t get all the vaccines for their children.

In the study “C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll Parents support daycare policies to get kids up to date on their vaccines” they summarize:

  • 3/4 of parents think daycare should check vaccine status yearly
  • 2/3 of parents think they should be informed of the number of children not up to date on their vaccines
  • 41% support the policy to exclude children who are not up to date until they become up to date on all vaccines (read more here… )


This study was conducted exclusively by the vaccine manufacturer for the children’s hospital.  These findings are prominently displayed on the children’s hospital main web page.  How much do you suppose GfK paid to get that to happen?

Science is being bought in this country. The huge marketing dollars of pharmaceutical companies are being selectively invested to do research that supports growing their product’s market share. If you are not aware of these conflicts of interest then you will happily quote your “evidence based” research to help these companies distort the truth and sell more product.

Health starts with good nutrition and avoiding toxins.  

Under vaccinated children have fewer emergency room visits and fewer outpatient visits (read more here… ) suggesting that it is perhaps the fully vaccinated children who are posing the biggest risk to the under vaccinated children.  I don’t propose that the under vaccinators ask that those fully vaccinated be excluded from daycare or other activities. Let’s take the high road here! In the name of full disclosure, that same study did show greater hospitalizations for the under vaccinated group.


Dr. Paul








Honoring Those Who Sacrificed and Suffered this Memorial Day and Our Every-Day Hero Parents

Memorial DayLet us pause and give tribute and honor to all who have suffered, sacrificed and given their lives for their country in military service.  Whether we agree or disagree with the politics of the time, they have shown bravery and character worthy of our respect.

As a pediatrician caring for more health challenged children than ever before, I would like to also honor the bravery and character and courage of the parents and children who suffer from chronic conditions like autism, diabetes, cancer, asthma, and a long list of others. For some families, it is a life-long battle to make the best of a difficult situation.

The battle that lies ahead for the health of your children and generations to come is not on a foreign land, not going to be won by soldiers, special ops, or military might, but will be fought right here at home against a system that is driven by profits at the expense of your health.

I will outline three major battles that each and every one of us should consider.


  1.   Vaccines.  They are important.  They are a medical procedure that you should consider one at a time to see if that vaccine makes sense for your child. We must fight against the government and CDC and big pharma push to have vaccines mandated.   You see, there is confusion. People are misled by the ideas that polio and measles and pertussis epidemics will return if we don’t give every child every vaccine per CDC schedule.  I can assure you, the infant whose mother does not have Hepatitis B, puts no-one at risk by waiting to get that shot when a teenager and when it makes sense to do so.  In fact those babies getting the 3 shot series for Hepatitis B are the ones who may some day put your child at risk as they will no longer have the protection when they need it (sexually active) and thus it is the infants who are vaccinated who are a potential danger to society, not those who intelligently wait.  Now parents who gave the Hepatitis B and it’s 250 micrograms of toxic aluminum, please don’t beat yourselves up.  You did what you were told and what you thought was best at the time.  You can boost the immunity later if that becomes a need.  You did as I did with my kids and followed the CDC recommendations.  THEY MUST BE CHANGED. Most important is that we preserve the right for informed consent, the right to choose what is done to our bodies.  We cannot have our government passing laws that mandate a one size fits all vaccine schedule that is not only dangerous but is not scientifically sound. We must fight for medical freedom.


  1.   GMO and pesticides/herbicides.  Our chronic diseases and illness in this country is directly related to the magnitude of toxic exposures we are experiencing.  We have reached a tipping point.  For those most vulnerable, the damage can happen in the womb. The uterus shunts nutrients and toxins.  You will hear that someone has this or that disease or condition and that it’s genetic or congenital because it happened before birth.  Well, the toxicity happened before birth, in most cases that’s all.  Monsanto wants to control our food.  They, (a chemical company) produce Round-Up and other pesticides and herbicides, and figured if they make and control the seeds that can tolerate their product and convince or then force farmers to use their product, then they control our food and hence the profit from our most vital commodity.  Today, in the USA, about 90% of soy and corn grown here is GMO, Round-Up sprayed, and contaminated. I write this from Maui where the island just passed a law banning the use of Round-Up and GMO crops but guess what?  Monsanto is suing to keep on polluting one of earth’s paradises. We must fight to remove toxins from our food supply and like Europe and so many other countries, we must ban GMO crops that necessitate the use of pesticides or herbicides.


  1.   Take control of your health through healthful living (eat organic and avoid processed foods, drink filtered water, exercise and avoid pharmaceuticals and doctors unless absolutely necessary).  OK that’s it, this guy is crazy!  What is a doctor doing telling us to stay away from doctors?  Medicine in the USA, yes my beloved country, has gone over the deep end in most cases.  We are indeed a bunch of monkeys who are trained to diagnose and then write a prescription.  We are likely to recommend a pharmaceutical product first (be it a vaccine or an antibiotic) before we allow the body to heal and before we promote the natural remedies that would support such healing. Have we forgotten how wonderfully made we are?  Question every product your doctor recommends. Ask about side effects and alternatives and what would happen if you did nothing?  You are in charge of your health and wellness.


My heroes are the parents of children with severe chronic conditions.  My heart goes out to you.  Your bravery and character surpasses all others.

Thank-you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. From my brave family who finally had to say goodbye to a most wonderful 20 year old who fought all his life with a chronic and ultimately fatal disease, to my hundreds of parents who live daily with autistic children who require round-the-clock care and support.  Your love and courage brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart.


Blessings this Memorial Day.


Dr. Paul


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