Oregon’s Vaccine Industry Legislator- Senator Steiner Hayward

OregonFlagWhen doctors turn legislator, and then act like they have the public’s best interest at heart, it is worth looking a little deeper.  In our “No on SB442” and “Yes for Medical Freedom” movement (which you can learn more about here and here… ) we encountered the biased anti-choice, anti-civil liberties, anti-parents choice, and anti-informed consent stand of Senator Steiner Hayward.

One can only wonder what conflicts of interest must have existed for her.  She spent the first several minutes (taking time away from those of us who would testify in opposition to her bill) claiming she had no connections to Pharma and had never taken a penny from them (now known to be untrue).

The blog: Senator Steiner Hayward’s SB 673: Drilling for Mandatory Gardasil Shots for 11 year old Kids? (which has been removed at the time of this writing but can still be Googled and can bring you here… ) sheds light on facts that makes it very clear that doctor Senator Steiner Hayward is pushing a Pharma pro-vaccine agenda that has nothing to do with protecting our children and everything to do with big profits for Pharma.  Sure, when it comes to vaccines, doctors can always hide behind the argument “vaccines are safe and effective,”  neither of which is true when it comes to the Gardasil that seems to be behind much of the legislative activity of Dr Steiner Hayward.

To stay in touch with what is going on with Oregon and vaccine bills, visit the web site: Oregonians for Medical Freedom by clicking here.


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