Mandated Adult Immunizations Passed Senate Health Committee in California

wethepeople“Cradle to Grave” has been the recent mantra of the vaccine industrial complex.  Here in Oregon, we were able to kill Senate Bill 442, which would mandate vaccines as a requirement for day care and school and remove personal, philosophical, and religious exemptions. In our research, we stumbled on this concept that they are about to target adults for mandated vaccination.

In California, SB-792 will mandate day care and even family. Day care home workers must be completely immunized by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices)  with the exception of vaccination for human papillomavirus (HPV). This would go into effect in September 2016.

As if it isn’t hard enough to find good day care. We are now removing informed consent and starting the first forced adult vaccine program in the country.  This is a dangerous precedent. It may not be long before adults will be required to get vaccines to receive any government pay outs or assistance. Imagine having your Medicare or social security check withheld unless you get all the vaccines on the schedule.

It is a sad day for America.

Citizens, wake up.  Vaccines are not evil but need to be selectively used when appropriate with careful consideration between patient and doctor.  It would be like mandating you take all antibiotics, including some very dangerous ones just in case, and regardless of your personal risk factors and vulnerabilities to side effects.  I know that’s not a perfect analogy but we must realize that giving a vaccine is a medical intervention that carries risks. Those risks cannot be left for the government to determine if/when they are worth taking. We cannot give up our rights to decide what medical procedures are done to us, and none of them should ever be by government mandate.

I am also getting increasingly worried that a few individuals sitting on the ACIP are being given this much control of what will be done to the entire population.  When and why would we ever give that much power to such a few people who clearly from their track record have conflicts of interest and frequent big pharma connections?

Please read more about California Senate Bill 792 here… 


Dr. Paul





  • Dan

    One question Dr. Paul.
    I recently had a debate with our child’s pediatrician that aluminum wasn’t safe to have in vaccines. He stated that “In the past thimerosol was safe and people didn’t understand the difference between ethylmercury and methylmercury. All removal of thimerosol did was raise the price of vaccines. And for aluminum you ingest more aluminum from the environment than you get from vaccines”.

    He went on to cite Dr. Paul Offit and “all of his great work” and encouraged us to look him up.

    Dr. Offit seems 180 from your stance. How would you respond to these statements? I’m not trained in medicine so I said thanks and walked away.

    • Offit profits from the sale of vaccines and is the biggest pro vaccine doctor out there – he has never seen a side effect! I have to take what he says in context of one who cannot see the forest for the trees. There are hundreds of studies on aluminum toxicity and mercury toxicity. The doctors who say they are safe are simply uninformed. I used to be one of those uninformed doctors. Until you know something – you don’t know it!
      search my blogs at and thype in ASIA, aluminum etc

  • Leah

    thank you for your posts. I read them religiously.

  • RD

    ” You know, when the signers of the Declaration of Independence were sitting down at the table, one of the gentlemen present was Dr. Benjamin Rush, surgeon general of the Continental army. When they sat down to sign the Declaration, to more or less create this country, Dr. Rush said the following: “The Constitution of this republic should make special provision for medical freedom, as well as religious freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men, and to deny equal privileges to others, will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic.”(provided by Dr. Andrew Saul)”
    This I find quite interesting!

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