1 in 9 Adults Are Diabetic and 1 in 3 of Us Are Pre-Diabetic in America- Learn What You Can Do

Diabetes2The CDC and the AMA have teamed up to sound the alarm. One in nine American adults are diabetic, 1 in 3 are obese, and 1 in 3 are pre-diabetic (86 million adults). (Read more here… )

If you are over 45 and even a little over weight, you are at high risk for pre-diabetes.  If you are over 65, you are high risk period. You can take your screening test here…

This program called Prevent Diabetes Stat with stat representing:

S – Screen

T – Test

   A – Act

T – Today

This is a tool kit for physicians that is put together by the AMA.

I can assure you the key is weight loss.  For most who need to lose weight, the addition of movement and exercise will be a huge help as the creation of muscle increases your basal metabolic rate so you are able to burn more calories.  The other key is avoiding sugars, flour, and highly refined foods.  If you eat mostly vegetables and lean meat (fish, skinless poultry) and drink plenty of purified water, you will be well on your way.

Contact your doctor if you cannot get control of your weight or are starting to feel the pre-diabetes symptoms of frequent hunger between meals (usually because you are eating too many processed and high sugar foods) and feeling shaky a couple hours after a carbohydrate meal.  When we consistently eat too many processed foods (most of us do) our pancreas puts out too much insulin and eventually the cells stop responding as well as they should to all that insulin.  We are now insulin resistant and it takes more and more insulin to keep our blood sugar in check.  Those high insulin levels tell the body to store fat  and a vicious cycle begins.  The more weight we gain, the more insulin resistant we become.


The key is diet.


Your doctor may put you on medication, and while that will help, don’t forget that you are in total control of what goes in your mouth and have the keys to the solution right there! I know because I battle this very issue, and can only keep the weight off when eating properly (vegetables and lean meats).  It is possible to control pre-diabetes with a vegetarian diet, but only if you are eating mostly vegetables, nuts, seeds, and moderation in the bean family. You will also need  to avoid the grains.


Dr. Paul





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