Vitamin D Helps Fetal Lung, Brain, and Bone and Can Reverse Autism (studies)

vitamin D and the sunshineThe January issue of Pediatrics 2015, has three important articles on vitamin D.


  1. “Rapid Normalization of Vitamin D Levels: A Meta-Analysis,”  looked at 88 articles and determined that loading doses of up to 300,000 IU for adolescents and adults or 10,000 IU/ Kg were safe and effective at achieving vitamin D levels of > 75 nmol/L (equivalent to about 50 ng/ml, the units we typically measure).  (you can read it here… )
  1. “Vitamin D in Fetal Development: Findings From a Birth Cohort Study,” looked at 901 mother-baby pairs and compared the 36% with vitamin deficiency at 18 weeks gestation <50 nmol/L ( < 30 ng/ml) and those not vitamin D deficient. Deficiency was associated with impaired lung development, neurocognitive difficulties, increased eating disorders, and lower bone mass. (you can read this article here… )
  1. “Core Symptoms of Autism Improved After Vitamin D Supplementation,” found that lower vitamin D levels  resulted in increased brain size, altered head shape, and enlarged ventricles as observed in patients with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders).  They report on a 32 month old boy with ASD and vitamin D deficiency whose core autism symptoms improved significantly after vitamin D3 supplementation. (read more here… )


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