Autism, Genetics; New Study Shows Inflammation in Autism Brains is Universal

vaccine3The study, “Transcriptome analysis reveals dysregulation of innate immune response genes and neuronal activity-dependent genes in autism,” published in Nature 2014 (you can read it here… ) requires expert knowledge in genetics, and neuroimmunology to really understand. A few things are clear:

  • The microglia (brain cells that help the brain fight infection and pathogens and toxins) are perpetually ON for the autism brains
  • There is inflammation in autism brains
  • Authors feel the inflammation is unlikely the cause of autism
  • They demonstrate transcriptomic evidence for type1 interferon and M2-activation abnormalities in autism brains
  • They highlight thousands of genes and gene expression and gene regulation issues that have been identified to be associated with autism


It is clear by now that most cases of autism are not genetic in the sense that one genetic glitch or even several genetic glitches cause autism. It is also obvious that autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a huge label that includes so many variations of presentation, severity, and symptoms to make the label almost meaningless for an individual. I can say I am autistic, and be a top scientist or intellectual and I could be autistic and be non-verbal and severely handicapped, unable to care for my own basic needs.

What we really should be focused on is what the cause of this epidemic is. 30 years ago, cases were so rare I didn’t see any full blown cases in all my medical training and pediatrics specialization training from 1981-1988. There were rare reported cases for certain, perhaps 1 in 10,000 children at that point having recognizable autism that included language delay, stimming (repetitive flapping or spinning), and lack of social connectedness.

We now in the USA have autism (ASD) at a rate of 1 in 50 to 1 in 100.  The rate in Norway published in 2013 was 1 in 500 to 1 in 1000. Why the difference? What are causes?

There is no doubt in my mind that the vast majority of cases are caused by environmental triggers with infections and toxins leading the list.

I have no doubt that some of us have genetic glitches that make us less able to rid our bodies of toxins.  The MTHFR mutation that I happen to carry is just one such glitch. If I grew up in America today, got all the childhood vaccines with all of their toxins, drank the municipal water with all the herbicides and pesticides, and slept on flame retardant mattresses and was surrounded by the BPA in my plastic bottles and microwave meals, not to mention the lack of nutrition in my processed and fast food world … I would be autistic, certainly not an MD and certainly would not have finished college.

This study’s authors point out that in contrast to M1-activated microglia, the M2 responses mediate anti-inflammatory responses to damage caused by viral infections. The “M2 microglia also secrete brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF), increase the production of neural progenitor calls and promote myelination” (again read in this study… ). It is this data that supports the hypothesis that viral infection may be a cause of autism, and may explain why some autism brains are overgrown (large) and why they found this exaggerated M2 activation in autism brains.

The establishment that insists on denying any link between vaccines and autism needs to realize that until we have the prospective studies looking at populations that are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and unvaccinated, compare them for risk factors (genetic, familial, and environmental), and follow them for 5-10 years, we just don’t know what is causing autism.  Until we can prove the cause, we certainly should be using the precautionary principle and not do anything that MIGHT be a cause.


So what should you do as a parent or parent to be?


  1. Do NOT trigger inflammation, especially while pregnant. Vaccines trigger inflammation. Avoid during pregnancy. Eat a low inflammatory diet.
  2. Do not give your newborn the Hepatitis B vaccine unless birth mom has Hepatitis B.
  3. Vaccinate slowly, carefully, and if you have one autistic child, are homozygous for MTHFR-C677T, or have a huge family history of autoimmune disorders, you may want to skip vaccines completely.  Obviously, some will choose to skip vaccines completely anyway (just be aware of the risks of that decision also).
  4. Eat organic GMO-free.
  5. Drink filtered water.
  6. This study sheds light on how the MMR vaccine might uniquely be a problem.  The MMR vaccine was changed around 1979-1985 to the MMR-II. (You can read more about that here… ) For details that would even scare your grandmother about what is in this vaccine and it’s side effects (this is even from the manufacturer Merck so no doubt minimizes risks) are provided in this document. (Read more about that here… )

Our autistic kids are the canaries in the coal mine, so to speak.  These were rare peeps in the wilderness just a few decades ago and we now have a thundering chorus of canaries.  Are you listening or have you had your ears tuned out by the noise of the status quo that stands to loose money if the real causes of autism are found?


Dr. Paul



  • I’m listening, Dr. Paul. Please keep sharing the information you found. Any way to reduce inflammation after the fact (besides the filtered water, non-GMO, etc.)? I do that already for my son. Berkey water filter, only organic foods. Thanks!

  • Dan T.

    Dr. Thomas, you are my hero. Those that are not outraged, aren’t paying attention. Keep up the stellar work.

  • Cheryl Bray

    GREAT post…I applaud your courage to speak up. My son is homozygous C677T and my daughter is compound heterozygous Mthfr A1298C and C677T and Mthfr 03 P39P…They both have major health problems, If we had known these genetics from birth, we wouldn’t have vaccinated in the same fashion or not at all, wouldn’t have accepted the massive courses of antibiotics for chronic infections, especially CIPRO, wouldn’t have used Nitrous oxide or general anesthesia, etc.. etc. This information is critical to our health. Thanks for helping to spread the word…MD’s seem to be the last to know…Our metabolic genetics doctor told me, MTHFR doesn’t matter! QUOTE…

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