Influenza Treatment for Severe Cases- Interferon (study)

happykiddoThe article, “Life-threatening influenza and impaired interferon amplification in human IRF7 deficiency,” March 2015 by Ciancanelli et. al., describes a child who almost died from influenza and was found in their study to have null mutations in IRF7, which encodes the transcription factor interferon regulatory factor. Due to this genetic mutation, this child did not produce much interferon in response to the influenza infection.

This may explain why a few normal children end up with life-threatening influenza while most recover. This also points to a potential life-saving treatment for the severe cases of influenza, namely the use of interferon.  This shows how the single-gene inborn error of immunity, the IRF7 mutation, can influence the severity of the influenza illness.  As we learn more about our children’s genetics, we may be able to personalize medical care for better outcomes.

You can read the article here…


Dr. Paul

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