Response to Parent with Autistic Child Who Doesn’t Believe MMR or Vaccines Had Anything to Do with the Autism and Quotes the Retraction of the Article in Translational Neurodegeneration

moneyvshealthAs a parent of children who got all the vaccines and I believe are suffering from neurological challenges related to the toxins in those vaccines, I want to first say that it is not our fault that we followed doctors guidelines and took their best advise. We were doing what we thought was best. Now we must do our best to help them recover from the toxic burden, and help get the word out so others don’t have to go through what we are going through. My children, last one born in 1996, all got both aluminum and mercury in their vaccines. I thought that when we got the mercury out in 2001 (and that happened almost overnight it seemed for those of us working as Pediatricians – suddenly you couldn’t buy the vaccines with mercury) that the autism rates would drop. They didn’t, and in fact have continued to go up. The sad thing was that the same year, 2001, that we got the mercury out, the CDC and AAP moved the Hepatitis B vaccine with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum (known to be a toxic dose at that time) from teens to newborns. We replaced 25 micrograms of mercury with 250 micrograms of aluminum as the toxic burden we were giving to 2 month olds and 6 months old and we added the newborn dose that was never there (a dose of toxin on your birthday). Is it any wonder things got worse?

When the Translational Neurodegeneration article exposed the intentional exclusion of important data that showed a link between the MMR and autism, I knew it would be retracted – why?

I think it’s money and politics, the very reason we have no credible research on vaccines and autism, fear that what happened to Wakefield happens to you the researcher, it’s about as sure a way to get your career derailed as anything. It takes a lot of courage to challenge the status quo that is backed by a 19 billion dollar industry.

Why didn’t they retract the Pediatrics article from 2004 that “showed a link between MMR and autism”? The CDC head researcher Thompson admitted that study protocol wasn’t followed in their exclusion of that data that showed the link.

I hope your kiddo is making great progress. Many of the parents in my practice with autistic kiddos don’t think there is a link between vaccines and autism, and I have one out of the 200 severe cases who got no vaccines. That one is an interesting story, as it was their third child. I asked how the first two were. Neurotypical. I asked if they vaccinated the first two. No they didn’t. Their pediatrician quoted the biased and inadequate literature that you lean on as proof of no connection so they vaccinated child number three who became severely autistic right after the MMR. Is that proof? No. Should you pause and wonder? I do. When you hear this over a hundred times and see it with your own eyes, it’s more than coincidence. But you are right … we need the studies, and until they are done the debate will rage on leaving those without as much experience and exposure to autism and young children and vaccines, to try and sort out the truth amidst the noise – deafening- that is pumped out from big pharma, mainstream medicine, CDC AAP, my peers, and the media.

I wish you the best. The truth will eventually come out. It did about tobacco, and it will about the aluminum toxicity and the MMR as well. It is just a matter of time and how long and how many more need to suffer needlessly. We can still give the MMR and protect the herd immunity so we don’t get epidemics. It just needs to be given after age 3 from what I can tell and there are some families who should not get it at all. One example is yours, where you already have one child with autism. Please don’t vaccinate the next ones. That is not a medical recommendation as I’m not your doctor.  This is just what I would do if I were in your shoes.




Dr Paul


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