Journalists Continue to Distort Science on Vaccines to Promote a Pro-Vaccine Agenda

moneyshotThe assault on the American people comes from all directions.  You have doctors who (like I used to) think that any recommendation coming from the CDC and the academies like AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) must be the right approach for all children or they wouldn’t have made those recommendations, right? You have reporters like Michael Specter who wrote in The New Yorker March 6th, “Why Doctors Give in on Vaccines,” spreading fear nonsense with statements like; “measles, pertussis and rotavirus – which kill hundreds of thousands of infants in the developing world each year,” and “,both measles and pertussis are now back, largely because increasing numbers of children remain unvaccinated”.

Michael, we probably could be friends, and if I could take you along the journey I have had as a pediatrician who is paying attention to what is happening here and now in our country I know you could see things as they are and not as they are being painted by the establishment you seem so eager to protect. I am guessing that you and I care about the same thing; having healthy children in this country.  Sadly, your article misses the mark.  You quote Paul Offit, who incidentally profits from the sale of the rotavirus vaccine so conflicts of interest should invalidate his as a spokesperson on vaccines, but he was addressing the antigen side of vaccines.  The problem you see is in the toxins that are in them and the biggest is aluminum.  Aluminum is put in as an adjuvant, to irritate the tissue so that an immune response can occur.

We are literally poisoning unborn children with the Tdap now being given to pregnant women with no testing ever done to inject that much aluminum into pregnant animals even!  We then poison the newborns with the Hepatitis B vaccine and it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum (newborns should not get more than 10-15 micrograms (per FDA rules on parenteral nutrition and aluminum).

You say, “American pediatricians are faced with a stark new challenge to their Hippocratic Oaths. Which does more harm: delaying scheduled vaccines and reducing their effectiveness, or refusing to delay and running the risk that parents will simply not vaccinate their children at all”.  You miss the mark again.  I have no challenge at all to my Hippocratic Oath because it is absolutely clear that to inject a newborn whose mother does not have Hepatitis B with that vaccine at that time would be doing harm with no benefit to that baby.  In addition that child has a 75% chance that they won’t have immunity when they need it in the late teen and early 20’s so that vaccinated child actually puts others at risk because they got that vaccine at the wrong time!  I want all my patients getting the Hepatitis B vaccine but getting it when it makes sense, as a pre-teen or young teenager and before they are sexually active.  My baby who has all the vaccines except the Hepatitis B vaccine puts no-one at risk and does more for herd immunity than those vaccinated on the CDC schedule.

It is not so clear cut now is it?

Let’s stop the name calling, lets start educating the masses with the real facts, and I’m not sure why you are trying to put down the Internet and Jenny McCarthy, who certainly knows this literature better than most in this country.  You see, she just shares an inconvenient truth.  Let’s stick to science, but all of it, not just that which suits the big corporations who simply want more market share on the backs and thighs of our children and at the expense of their brains and immune systems.  Yes aluminum damages the immune system and developing brains.

You can read the New Yorker article here…


Dr. Paul



  • M.C.

    I sure wish there were more doctors like you. We have gotten to the point where most doctors just listen to your complaint, run a test (that comes back negative but you still have your health issues), and then without really even knowing what is wrong with you, they write a script for something that not only doesn’t help, it has multiple side effects that make you even worse than before you went in. They don’t have time to heal you, they must hit profit margins, pay high insurance and follow the rules set by a bunch of agency cronies or face career suicide.
    Other than emergency medicine and very specialized new technology, I have lost faith in our system. There is far too much corruption and drug pushing. Doctors who truly want to be HEALERS are being persecuted. Medicine is no longer about healing or about getting to the root cause of illness. Those that are still in it for helping people and being true healers are getting crushed by the profit-drug-based-culture that has literally and figuratively poisoned western medicine. The snake-oil has now become accepted and mainstream; a false god that everyone defends in spite of its obvious (to the aware) failings.
    I hope you will continue to be a healer and I hope more will stand up. A new branch of modern healing medicine MUST emerge if we want to actually cure and heal people. It must leave behind this dangerous, drug-pushing, hypochondriac-creating, sick-care paradigm.

  • Did you send your comments to him? Please do! He’s so misinformed it would be laughable if he weren’t so dangerous due to his reach. This: … “delaying scheduled vaccines and reducing their effectiveness …” is simply wrong. Delaying certain vaccines INCREASES their effectiveness. My forehead is getting a dent where I keep hitting it against the palm of my hand. How do you stand it?

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