JAMA Pediatrics Article Tries to Blame Measles “Epidemic” on Undervaccinated People

BlameGameIt is sad that reputable journals are allowed to publish pure speculation on something as important as the measles “outbreak” that was tied to Disneyland and has resulted in near hysteria for no good reason.  What we need is the actual data from the CDC that shows exact strains from the infected individuals and whether or not they were vaccinated.  The actual numbers of individuals in the communities where the cases lived would then give real time data on what level of herd immunity is needed to prevent a spread of this contagious disease.

Instead, we get from the article, “Substandard Vaccination Compliance and the 2015 Measles Outbreak,” a bunch of speculation and accusations:

  • “The ongoing measles outbreak linked to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, shines a glaring spotlight on our nation’s growing anti-vaccination movement and the prevalence of vaccination-hesitant parents.”
  • “preliminary analysis indicates that substandard vaccination compliance is likely to blame for the 2015 measles outbreak.”
  • “..Our study estimates vaccination rates…”

You can read this study yourself here…

We know that in Oregon, there was one 40 year old man who got measles at Disneyland and brought it home to Oregon. In this state which is accused of having one of the lowest vaccinations rates in the country, there was not a single case of measles contracted from this man in Lane County.  Clearly, herd immunity is working, and it is not necessary to have the “96-99% vaccination rate necessary to preserve herd immunity and prevent future outbreaks”.

This article is now being quoted and used to fuel the misinformation in the country about the measles “epidemic”.

What we need is less of this blaming the non-vaccinators and more honest assessments of the real health issues affecting our children today.  Vaccines are a necessary part of our public health approach to wellness, but in light of the growing evidence of harm that can come from vaccines (see my previous blog on adjuvants) it is time for our public health officials, news media, and the public to realize that one size fits all vaccine policy may be doing more harm than good, and to put aside the blame game that seems so misplaced given the real facts.


Dr. Paul


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