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wethepeopleWe only have a few more days to express our concerns about the proposed idea of mandated adult vaccines.  You can write to Rebecca Fish, the Senior Policy Advisor for the National Vaccine Program, and express your concerns and desire that this not become government policy. Next is what I wrote:

As a physician, a pediatrician who is pro-vaccine but pro informed consent, I see this as a huge step in the wrong direction to mandate vaccines.  We must realize that vaccines are a medical procedure with risks and benefits.  To mandate a procedure that has risks and yet there is no liability on the company that makes the vaccine nor for the doctor that recommends the procedure, we are heading into very troubling ethics.

Please keep science pure and maintain the informed consent process.

This huge push to mandate vaccines will ultimately lead to a complete loss of trust in the CDC and the vaccine recommendations that they make.


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Dr. Paul




  • Ingrid

    I wrote this to her today:

    I am not anti-vaccine, but I very much pro-choice when it comes to what people do with their bodies, and whether the government has much say about that.

    Vaccines are a medication, a pharmaceutical. A drug with side effects like other drugs.

    They are a preventative medicine.

    They are not the ONLY way to prevent the spread of disease. Nor are they 100% effective. In some cases they are abysmally low in effectiveness – such as the recent flu vaccine.

    There is a fundamental principle in medical ethics called INFORMED CONSENT. It is a fundamental human right to choose what to put into one’s own body.

    Given that there is NOT an emergency level need for mandatory vaccines, Informed Consent should stay put as a standard practice of medical care. Otherwise – you can make the argument to give people ANY drug for ANY reason under the guise of “for the public’s good.”

    NO ONE should be forced to buy and take a pharmaceutical that they do not want, much less merely a PREVENTATIVE one.

    For instance, I am fairly certain there have been scientific studies that show taking Vit C everyday reduces the rate of disease. But should we “mandate” that everyone take vitamin C everyday because it stops/slows the spread of disease? No. Even if it’s super effective at stopping disease, it should always be a person’s choice if they want to take it.

    The ONLY time to mandate ANY drug is in a state of ABSOLUTE emergency and even then care should be taken to clearly define what a true emergency is.

    Thank you for listening.

    Ingrid Johanns

  • Please help!

    Absolutely right. I have already lost all trust in the medical community as a whole, for even allowing this to be on the table. Doctors should get together and put forth something like the oathkeepers, except for doctors. Put a publicly available doctors only petition out there, that you’ll all refuse to administer forced vaccinations, and will file fictitious compliance paperwork if necessary, to protect your patients from forced vaccinations. What else can be done? I refuse. Please help!

  • Penny Balush

    Mandating vaccination is a violation of a basic human right to health and control of one’s body!!!! It’s my body, my child’s body!! MY CHOICE!!!!!!!

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